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  • BHS 6 1 BH开关 侧面
  • BHS 6 1 BH开关
  • BHS 6 1 BH开关 侧面
  • BHS 6 1 BH开关

1000V DC Combiner Box 6 In 1 Out BHS-6-1

BENY Electric BHS-6/1 1000V DC Solar PV Combiner Box 6 In 1 Out 125A DC Isolator Switch for On/Off Grid Solar Panel System

Highlights :

  • 1000V
  • 6 strings input, 1 string output
  • UL98B listed DC disconnects
  • DC Switches up to 1000V 125A
  • TUV certificate
  • rohs
  • TUV 100X100 icon
  • UL-Certifed icon

1000V DC combiner box for solar PV systems

BHS-6/1 DC combiner box is equipped with a door-clutch DC switch up to 125A 1000V, Type 2 DC SPD protects the DC circuit from over-voltage and DC fuse offers over-current protection.


Compact IP66 plastic enclosure design makes easier to operate and maintain.


BHS 6 1 BH开关
DC SPD Type2 1000V BUD-40/3 IEC
  • Over-voltage protection
  • 1000V 40KA
  • IEC61643 / EN50539
  • Recommend by top inverter brands
DC Fuse Holder 1000V 30A BR-30 IEC
  • Over-current protection
  • LED indicator
  • Finger safe touch
  • 10x38mm LITTEL 1000V 15A
DC Disconnect Switch 1500V 250A BH-250-2P UL Listed
  • UL98B listed DC switch
  • 2P 1500V 80A-250A
  • Non-polar switch
  • High capacity 10kA for 50ms test


Model BHS-6/1
Certificate TUV/ UL
Voltage IEC60947.3,AS60947.3:2018
Warranty 5 Years for any quality problems
Protection Degree IP65
Dimension 450*350*200mm

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