Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage

Efficient and Safe C&I Energy Storage

It is well suited for industrial and commercial settings that demand robust grid continuity. This system is versatile, catering to diverse requirements such as grid frequency modulation energy storage, wind and solar microgrids energy storage, distributed energy storage for large-scale C&I facilities, energy storage for data centers, and providing support for businesses involved in photovoltaic power generation within the new energy sector.



operating efficiency


protection level



-20℃ ~ +55℃

operating temperature range

BENY Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Product Line

BENY Offers Comprehensive Energy Storage Solutions

BENY provides cutting-edge energy storage solutions tailored for various industrial and commercial applications, ensuring enhanced efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Factory and Mall Energy Storage Solutions

BENY energy storage systems enable cost reduction through peak shaving and demand management. They ensure reliable power for critical loads, ideal for backup in commercial spaces.


BESS + EV Charger Solutions

BENY Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with integrated EV chargers optimize solar energy usage and reduce grid impact. Supporting both AC and DC coupling, our systems provide custom solutions to enhance charging efficiency and lower energy costs.

Microgrid with Energy Storage Solutions

BENY  microgrid solutions, incorporating energy storage, offer flexible and reliable power. Perfect for industrial parks and remote areas, they integrate various energy sources, ensuring stable energy supply and promoting the use of green energy.


Why Choose BENY Energy Storage Solutions?

Batteries, BMS, PCS, fire protection, energy management, etc.

High specific heat liquid cooling technology

Detection and prevention & fire control & pressure release

Simple installation, saving time and cost

Battery cell performance and lifespan improved

Easy and convenient transportation


Struggling to Choose the Right Energy Storage System ?

Feature/ProductAir Cooling Energy
Storage System
Liquid Cooling Energy
Storage System
EV Charger
Energy NeedsCapacity: 50kW/115kWhCapacity: 100kW/230kWh Capacity: 42.5kWh
Efficiency≥90%≥92%90% (charging and discharging)
Cycle LifeCycles: ≥6000Cycles: ≥8000Cycles: >6000
Response Time<5 seconds<3 seconds<2 seconds (to start charging)
Operating Temperature-20℃ to +55℃-20℃ to +55℃0°C to 50°C
Application ScenariosBest for mild climate conditions and limited space applications: small commercial buildings or residential storage.Fits large-scale storage or high thermal management requirements: large data centers, industrial facilities, high-power charging stations.Ideal for EV charging stations, residential, and commercial buildings, especially in areas with limited grid capacity or to exploit off-peak tariffs.

Comprehensive Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Needs

Ensure uninterrupted operations with robust grid support.

Ideal for grid frequency modulation, wind and solar microgrids, large-scale distributed energy, and data centers.

Featuring advanced LFP cells from Gotion, known for high performance and long life.

Boost Your Solar Success: BENY Design, R&D, Manufacturing, and Support


BENY New Energy's Industry-leading R&D

We invest 20% annually to develop cutting-edge PV protection products. Our innovations, like the first patented DC switch UL508i in China, put you at the forefront with reliable solutions trusted by top brands like GoodWe and Fronius.

Fast, Custom Electrical Protection Solutions

BENY delivers fast, customized electrical protection solutions with rapid prototyping and zero-defect quality. Slash production time by up to 30% and maximize profits with our efficiency and reliability.
Solar Design and Development

BENY: Solar Design and Development

BENY offers complete solar PV solutions – design, analysis, equipment selection, and more. Our tailored approach and extensive experience maximize your project’s potential.
BENY Impeccable Quality 01

World-Class Manufacturing for Consistent Excellence

BENY delivers world-class manufacturing. Our rigorous quality control, data-driven processes, and swift corrective actions ensure consistent excellence and reliability for your competitive advantage.

24/7 Global Support for Your Solar Projects

BENY offers 24/7 global technical support with expert troubleshooting and remote diagnostics. Minimize downtime with our responsive solutions that keep your solar projects running smoothly.

Certified Energy Storage Manufacturer In China:
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