Reliable solar MIcroinverters

A microinverter is a solar inverter technology that is mounted on each individual solar panel. Microinverters have the ability to achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT) at the module level, which has advantages over centralized inverters. This allows the overall output power to be maximized by optimizing the output power of each module.

BENY microinverters offer many advantages, such as rapid shutdown, flexibility in panel layout, and module-level monitoring and diagnostics. You can get more from your installation with BENY microinverters. Receive a free quote today!

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Microinverter VS String Inverter

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· Not in series

· System size can be incremented with monolithic components

· Full AC design

· Good expansion

· Increased power generation

· Minimize environmental impact with modular optimization


· IP67

· 25 warranty year

· Highest safety

· DC low voltage is always lower than 60V

string level

In series

Limited by the minimum system capacity

Both DC and AC design

Bad expansion

Lower power generation

The power generation efficiency is susceptible to the environment



5-12 warranty year

Lower safety

DC voltages up to hundreds of volts during operation


When you choose BENY, you get industry-leading efficiency, low failure rates and premium quality. As a result, you can get more out of your installation and accelerate your path to smart energy.

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Using BENY PV Parallel Optimizer Connect More PV Modules

You can use BENY BYPO-2 to Parallel Optimizer to connect PV modules in parallel to increase the output current of the PV array, thereby obtaining greater output power.


It has the characteristics of ultra-low voltage drop and ultra-low loss, which can solve the problem that the current backflow reduces the life of PV modules or damages PV modules in parallel, and can improve the MPPT efficiency of PV modules in parallel.

High-Grade Microinverter

We take into account market demands for solar PV solutions when manufacturing our microinverter, leading to many brand-building features.

Low DC voltage, and invisible.
and invisible

Components selected from world-class brands.

Individual MPPT for each module.

Adapts to any system size and optimizes space.

Hand-in-hand design. Fewer add-ons.

Module-level online smart monitoring.

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