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Single-In Microinverter 550W

Highlights :

  • Connected to single panel
  • Rated Output Power 550W
  • Peak Output Power 570VA
  • Peak efficiency 96.5%
  • Maximum short circuit current 20A
  • Maximum continuous current 18A
  • Up to 25 years warranty
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BENY Micro Inverter

BENY BYM500/BYM550/BYM600 microinverters are designed to connect to a single panel, enabling module-level maintenance and management of the PV station by monitoring the power generation of each module. Module-level data can be seamlessly uploaded to the monitoring platform via BENY data transfer units through PLCC/Zigbee communication protocols.

These products are meticulously designed, utilizing high-quality materials and components. The main control chips, power devices, magnetic components, and resistance components are carefully selected from top international manufacturers, ensuring superior performance and a mean time between failures (MTBF) exceeding 25 years. The robust structure and efficient heat dissipation design guarantee reliable operation even under demanding conditions, such as ambient temperatures up to 55℃.

  • Parallel Optimizer Extension 2 in 1 Wiring Diagram


BYPO-2, a PV parallel optimizer by BENY, empowers users to connect two PV modules in parallel, effectively increasing the output current of the PV array and unlocking greater power generation potential.

This innovative solution offers ultra-low voltage drop and ultra-low loss characteristics, mitigating the issues of current backflow, extending the lifespan of PV modules, and enhancing the MPPT efficiency of parallel-connected PV modules.

Elevate your solar energy system with our advanced microinverters and cutting-edge optimization solutions, delivering exceptional performance, enhanced reliability, and superior energy efficiency.


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Compared with APsystems, Hoymiles, and Deye, BENY Micro-inverter has the most outstanding performance.


BENY Single-In Micro-inverter has the highest output power (rated, peak value), maximum continuous current and warranty years.


VDE-AR-N 4105, EN50549-1, NC RFG, C10/11, INMETRO ABNT ABR 16149/16150/62116, CEI-0-21, AS/NZS 4777, VFR2019, G98, IEC/EN61000, IEC/EN62109

  • Suitable for 60, 66, 72, 75 cell or 120, 132, 144, 150 half-cell type PV panels
  • Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%
  • Peak efficiency 96.5%
  • EURO efficiency 96%
  • High reliability, IP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure, 6000 V surge protection


Input Data(DC)
Model BYM500 BYM550 BYM600

Input Power (STC)

(400~700)W Single, 60~75 full/120~150 sub cells

(300~450)W*2 Parallel, 72~75 full/144~150 sub cells

MPPT voltage range 24V-50V
Operating voltage range 16V-60V
Maximum DC input voltage 60V
Maximum short circuit input current 20A
Maximum continuous input current 18A
Output Data(AC)
Rated Output Power 500VA 550VA 600VA
Peak output power 520VA (Vac≥230,Vmp≥34) 570VA (Vac≥230,Vmp≥35) 620VA (Vac≥230,Vmp≥36)
Nominal voltage/range 230V/176-265V
Nominal frequency/range 50Hz/60Hz (46.5-62)Hz
Maximum continuous output current 2.27A 2.5A 2.73A
Harmonic Distortion <3%
Power Factor >0.99 (default)
Maximum number of branch connections 8 units (24A circuit breaker, 10AWG cable)
Peak efficiency 96.50%
European efficiency 96%
MPPT efficiency >99.8%
Night power consumption <100mW
Other parameters
Communication method PLCC/Zigbee Optional
Safety protection class Class I
Enclosure rating IP67
Operating temperature -40℃ to +70℃
Storage temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Relative humidity 0-98%
Transformer design High frequency transformer, Electrical isolated
Overvoltage class OVC III (AC), OVC II (PV)
Dimension(mm) 210*230*34
Weight(kg) 2.39
Warranty 10 / 25years Optional
Safety Regulations IEC/EN 61000-6, CISPR11+A1+A2, IEC/EN 62109-1/2,

EN 50549-1:2019 VDE-AR-N 4105:2018/DIN VDE

0124:2020, AS 4777.2 :2020, INMETRO, UTE C15-

712-1/DIN VDE 0126/VFR 2019, G98, CEI 0-21:2020,



Monitoring Device

BENY’s monitoring device enables smart management of solar energy systems through PLCC/Zigbee communication. It provides real-time data access and module-level monitoring, optimizing efficiency and maximizing energy production. BENY eliminates the need for additional cables, allowing for remote management and maintenance of PV stations.


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