Energy Storage

Safe and reliable residential energy storage

BENY residential LFP energy storage pack was independently designed and developed by BENY. The product has the characteristics of safety and reliability, multiple protection of software and hardware, long service life, convenient capacity increase, beautiful appearance, simple installation, etc. It’s widely used in the energy storage field with on-grid inverters, off-grid inverters, and hybrid inverters.


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Battery energy storage BENY 1000 6

Our Battery Energy Storage Pack Product Line

Easy Installation and expansion

Modular design, easy for installation and capacity expansion.


Compatible with most inverters on the market. Support up to 15 layers of arbitrary stacking.

Battery energy storage BENY 580
fast charging

Faster Charging

Enables ultra-fast charging to fully charge in just one hour.


Large heat dissipation area, natural heat dissipation system, and built-in intelligent BMS to protect the battery module and maintain the battery always work at the best condition.

Wider Environment Temperature

BENY batteries can operate efficiently at both low and high temperatures, and their temperature limitations are greatly reduced.


Charge: 0℃~ 60℃

Discharge: -20℃~ 60℃ 

Storage:0℃~ 35℃


High-Grade Energy Storage

We take into account market demands for solar PV and battery energy storage solutions when manufacturing our energy storage pack, leading to many brand-building features.

Multiple protection of software and hardware

Large heat dissipation area,natural cooling system

Compatible with multi-brand and multi-model inverters

Simple installation, saving time and cost

90% depth of discharge

Support up to 15 layers of arbitrary stacking

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