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BENY offers advanced, reliable, and flexible residential and commercial energy storage solutions. Our LFP battery packs feature a modular design for flexible expansion, catering to diverse storage needs ranging from kWh to MWh. Additionally, our all-in-one battery energy storage systems highly integrate key components such as BMS, and PCS, achieving high energy density, safety, and reliability.


With BENY energy storage, homeowners can optimize solar power utilization, reduce electricity expenses, and gain additional income. Meanwhile, commercial enterprises can peak-shave electricity consumption, lower costs, smooth fluctuations in new energy sources, and enhance power supply reliability. Harness flexible energy management with BENY battery energy storage solutions—contact us today for a free quote!

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energy storage company

Never waste solar power again


Reduce Grid Loss



Peak Shaving



Emergency Backup



BENY Battery Energy Storage Pack Product Line

Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage
Residential Energy Storage

Market-Leading Energy Storage Systems

Multi-layered software and hardware protection for ultimate reliability.
Advanced thermal management extends lifespan and ensures stable performance.
Wide inverter compatibility for flexible integration into diverse systems.
User-friendly design saves time and installation costs.
Up to 90% depth of discharge for optimal energy use.
energy storage
energy storage system
BENY energy storage
residential energy storage system
commercial energy storage system

Residential Solar Power Storage System

Build up extra energy for days when the sun is not shining and the night is dark.
You can use the energy you have stored for that purpose.

Keep your house running even when disruptions come.

This is even more so if you combine with solar panels, thus making you less dependent on the main grid.


Battery safety protection

<36 V

Human safe battery voltage

15 mins

Stackable Installation

5 mins

Fast Commissioning

Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System

Balance the energy peaks to lessen the strain on the grid and avoid high charges.
Run energy-heavy tasks during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper, minimize the tariffs inherent in the peak demand by using the stored energy.
Make sure hospitals, data centers, etc. can continue operations in power failure conditions.
Strategically store energy to power energy-intensive industrial operations.


Overall conversion efficiency

≥8000 cycles

Battery cycle life


Temperature difference between battery cells


IP Protection Rating

Struggling to Choose the Right Energy Storage System ?

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Feature/ProductEnergy Storage 
Battery Pack
Air Cooling Energy
Storage System
Liquid Cooling Energy
Storage System
EV Charger
Energy NeedsCapacity: 2.66-5.22kWhCapacity: 50kW/115kWhCapacity: 100kW/230kWh Capacity: 42.5kWh
Efficiency90%-95%≥90%≥92%90% (charging and discharging)
Cycle LifeCycles: ≈5000Cycles: ≥6000Cycles: ≥8000Cycles: >6000
Response Time<2 seconds<5 seconds<3 seconds<2 seconds (to start charging)
Operating TemperatureCharge: 0°C~ 50°C
Discharge: -20°C~ 50°C
Storage: -10°C ~45°C (best 0°C ~35°C)
-20℃ to +55℃-20℃ to +55℃0°C to 50°C
Application ScenariosSuitable for high energy density needs: residential, commercial, industrial backup, and grid-scale storage.Best for mild climate conditions and limited space applications: small commercial buildings or residential storage.Fits large-scale storage or high thermal management requirements: large data centers, industrial facilities, high-power charging stations.Ideal for EV charging stations, residential, and commercial buildings, especially in areas with limited grid capacity or to exploit off-peak tariffs.

Maximize Energy Storage, Minimize Downtime

BENY Automotive A-Grade LiFePO4 Cells

BENY battery storage solutions utilize rigorously tested Automotive A-Grade LiFePO4 cells for exceptional safety, energy density, and long-term dependability. Perfect for battery builds, vehicle electrification, and any DC power-hungry project.

lifepo4 battery cells for energy storage
high quality enrgy storage

Unparalleled Performance and Durability

Maximize stored energy while prioritizing user safety.
Engineered for long-lasting, reliable performance.
Modular design allows for effortless setup and expansion (up to 15 layers stacked).

Enhanced Charging and Operational Efficiency

Get a full charge in under an hour.
Large dissipation area, natural cooling, and smart BMS keep your batteries performing at their best.
Reliable in extreme conditions (Charge: 0℃~ 60℃, Discharge: -30℃~ 60℃, Storage: 0℃~ 35℃).
BENY energy storage system
BENY energy storage management system

Comprehensive System Management

Displays system status data, allowing real-time viewing and immediate adjustments on demands.
Users can personalize system parameters such as power settings, voltage, and temperature limits.
Alarm systems and diagnostic tools for immediate problem identification and resolution enable stable system operation.

Boost Your Solar Success: BENY Design, R&D, Manufacturing, and Support


BENY New Energy's Industry-leading R&D

We invest 20% annually to develop cutting-edge PV protection products. Our innovations, like the first patented DC switch UL508i in China, put you at the forefront with reliable solutions trusted by top brands like GoodWe and Fronius.

Fast, Custom Electrical Protection Solutions

BENY delivers fast, customized electrical protection solutions with rapid prototyping and zero-defect quality. Slash production time by up to 30% and maximize profits with our efficiency and reliability.
Solar Design and Development

BENY: Solar Design and Development

BENY offers complete solar PV solutions – design, analysis, equipment selection, and more. Our tailored approach and extensive experience maximize your project’s potential.
BENY Impeccable Quality 01

World-Class Manufacturing for Consistent Excellence

BENY delivers world-class manufacturing. Our rigorous quality control, data-driven processes, and swift corrective actions ensure consistent excellence and reliability for your competitive advantage.

24/7 Global Support for Your Solar Projects

BENY offers 24/7 global technical support with expert troubleshooting and remote diagnostics. Minimize downtime with our responsive solutions that keep your solar projects running smoothly.

Proven Success : Our Energy Storage Solutions Project Portfolio

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