Professional DC Protection Products and EV Charger Manufacturer

Our products allow any solar PV, battery energy storage, and EV charging system to run at an optimum level while preventing overcurrent, overvoltage, and other electrical errors.


BENY is a leading PV protective product and EV charging station manufacturer covering our factory workspace of 30,000 square meters with 10 production lines equipped with the latest machinery. The manufacturing capability of our factory allows us to achieve a short lead-time for high-grade products. Ask for a free quote today!

Top-Grade Products & Solutions

Our DC components and electric car chargers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and operate for long periods, making them easier to incorporate into solar photovoltaics, battery energy storage, and EV charging system.

01 EV Applications

From supplying power to switching DC circuits, our EV charging devices are fit for any electric vehicle and guarantee safe electrical flow.

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EV Charger

Dynamic load balancing function is optional, our AC EV chargers are compatible with any PV system and have an adjustable outfit up to 32 amps. The output power of DC fast EV charging is up to 240kW.

02 Solar Protection Solutions

Providing protection for top-roofs, our solutions enhance the durability of any PV system and are compatible with DC components.

beny solar microinverter


BENY microinverters offer many advantages, such as rapid shutdown, flexibility in panel layout, and module-level monitoring and diagnostics.

rapid shutdown 0528

Rapid Shutdown Device

More automatic and cost-efficient solutions, our SUNSPEC certified rapid shutdown devices are installed in all PV systems for maximum solar building protection.

Battery energy storage BENY 580

Energy Storage

BENY residential LFP energy storage was widely used in the energy storage field with on-grid inverters, off-grid inverters, and hybrid inverters.

combiner box collection

Combiner Box

Full range of solar combiner boxes voltage level 500Vdc-1500Vdc, customized solutions with the monitoring device, rapid shutdown, and AFCI function.

03 Solar DC/AC Switchgears

In preventing over-voltage, our switchgears possess flexible and easy controls to ensure stability in any PV system.

DC Isolator Switch

DC Isolator Switch

For de-energizing PV systems and preventing overvoltage, choose our PCT patent arc extinguish chamber isolator switches that are compatible to multiple DC components and devices.

AC Component

AC Components

All of our AC components are designed for efficient lightning protection of AC equipment and a longer PV system life.

DC Circuit Breaker

DC Circuit Breaker

Choose our circuit breakers that come in an arc flash barrier design for improved over-current protection.

DC Surge Arrester

DC Surge Protective Device

Our DC surge protective devices (SPDs) are made with high-energy MOV protection modules for protecting solar panels and inverters from surge damage or over-voltage.

DC Fuse Holder

DC Fuse Holder

Our temperature-resistant fuse holders enable easy maintenance for solar inverter and combiner applications.

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