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Designed for solar inverter DC side disconnect, our bulk switches are used by top brands such as SMA, ABB, and SolarEdge due to their consistent quality performance. Combined with other components, our switches can guarantee complete protection from any form of over-voltage and overloading. With a special instruction for arc extinguishing, we guarantee reliability and longer electrical life.


Thanks to our quality manufacturing process, we make sure our components are pre-assembled and inspected in every level of production. IP66 enclosures and other options are available for your selection to meet a variety of inverters types. Order now to get great discounts!

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Patented DC Switches

Through our innovative R&D and strong manufacturing, BENY Electric knows how to make reliable and long lifetime DC switches. Our patented arc extinguishing chambers come with special instructions to make switching on and off safer and faster, available only for BENY Electric DC switches. Through our methods, arc interruptions in 3ms are achieved for guaranteed safety.

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Quality from Material and Tests

Thanks to the qualified test lab and system, we know how to make reliable DC switches for solar or BESS.

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Customized Solution

Door clutch switches are available, along with various custom features for our 600V to 1500V models. As such, our switches can vary in size, style and design based on your applications.

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What to consider before buying a DC Disconnect?

What You Need

You need to consider the type of solar isolator you need, like knowing your power requirements.   Here, we have ZJBENY isolators that range from DC 1000V to 1500V. However, if you want a customized solution, that won’t be a problem because we offer various custom features, from 600V, 800V, 1000V, 1200V, and 1500V.

DC Isolator Switch up to 1200V IECSAA
AFCI solution for rooftop fire protection

Voltage and Current

Note that electrical current flows through the wired supply chain integrates with voltage to determine how much energy flows through your network.

So if you want to install a DC disconnector switch, it is essential to size its contacts to make sure it can accommodate the power traveling through its network.

If you need a higher current, you will need more substantial contacts to support them to avoid overheating in the power system. We have BENY isolators ranging from 1000V, 1200V, to 1500 rated for 32A, 50A, 250A, and 400A.

Understanding IEC & AS Certificates

Another thing to consider is understanding the IEC and AS certificates. If a DC isolator manufacturer has these certificates, it means the business adheres to the international guidelines in manufacturing solar DC disconnect products.

For instance, in the first part of the EIC 60204-1:2016, the manufacturer is required to provide a manually-operated disconnector switch to each main power supply being installed, along with particular design parameters. 

DC Isolator Switch up to 1000V IECSAA

Mounting Style

You also need to regard your preferred location to install the DC isolator and which type of mounting style is appropriate for your application. The most commonly used style is the four-hole mount, structured with a square-shaped pattern with four screw holes in each corner. If you plan to install your switch onto a flat surface, this style is ideal since it allows the switch to simply lie as flush as possible.

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