DC Isolator Switch

Superior DC Isolator Switch Manufacturer

Designed for solar inverter DC side disconnect, our bulk switches are used by top brands such as SMA, ABB, and SolarEdge due to their consistent quality performance. Combined with other components, our switches can guarantee complete protection from any form of over-voltage and overloading. With a special instruction for arc extinguishing, we guarantee reliability and longer electrical life.


Thanks to our quality manufacturing process, we make sure our components are pre-assembled and inspected in every level of production. IP66 enclosures and other options are available for your selection to meet a variety of inverters types. Order now to get great discounts!

Patented DC Switches

Through our innovative R&D and strong manufacturing, BENY Electric knows how to make reliable and long lifetime DC switches. Our patented arc extinguishing chambers come with special instructions to make switching on and off safer and faster, available only for BENY Electric DC switches. Through our methods, arc interruptions in 3ms are achieved for guaranteed safety.

DC switches automatic production line

Large and Protective Enclosure

checking the enclosure of DC isolator switch

UV resistant IP65 PC plastic enclosure

Offering UV and flame resistance, our enclosures provide lifelong protection for our devices.

Without cable glands

Placed at the bottom, the cable glands can be punched out for conduits to be attached readily

Customized Solution

Door clutch switches are available, along with various custom features for our 600V to 1500V models. As such, our switches can vary in size, style and design based on your applications.

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