Driving green energy transition: utilize the dormant balcony and enjoy sustainable energy resources

Elevate Solar Power with Parallel Optimizer

The solar system’s efficiency and safety are enhanced with an innovative built-in parallel optimizer when multiple PV panels are connected parallelly, yielding higher actual power generation.



Microinverter Balcony Solutions

Microinverters are the preferred choice for balcony PV systems due to adaptability, safety, and high efficiency. BENY offers microinverters ranging from 600W to 800W, catering to various balcony sizes, enhancing performance with low-voltage design, IP67 rating, and -40°C to 70°C operation. Powered by NXP automotive-grade chips and VDE certified, BENY microinverters assure exceptional quality. Complementing this, the Energy Management Unit and intelligent gateway provide advanced monitoring via BYM Cloud, offering real-time insights for optimal energy use.

Solution Benefits

BENY offers a variety of microinverters meticulously tailored to different user requirements, ensuring a consistently elevated experience.


Converting clean and pollution-free solar energy into accessible electricity can reduce users' reliance on the grid and save on electricity bills. With strong governmental support, the equipment costs have significantly decreased as well, allowing a quick investment payback.

Easy Installation

With a compact and simple structure, the Balcony PV system is easy to install and move. Ordinary people can easily complete the installation after carefully reading the instructions. And if users plan to relocate, the system can be disassembled and reinstalled to continue serving them.


What users need to do is to fix the PV system to the balcony railing and plug the system cables into household outlets. Then solar energy generation is started to meet daily household electricity needs, making users benefit from green energy.

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Easy-to-install Products with Comprehensive Support

Beny products are specifically engineered for end-users, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience. We’ve simplified the process, reducing the number of components and eliminating the need for complex wiring.

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What's in The Box?

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Smart System Monitoring and Management

Beny’s microinverter solutions make solar energy management easier than ever with the Energy Management Unit (EMU), intelligent gateway products, and instant data transmission communication. These solutions empower users to monitor and manage the operational status of PV systems anytime and anywhere. With a user-friendly online platform or mobile app BYM Cloud, users can access real-time and historical power generation data, enabling informed decisions for optimizing energy utilization.

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BYM 800

Single-Plus Microinverter 800W

beny single micro inverter 600w

Single-In Microinverter 600W

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Single-In Microinverter 550W

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