Technical Support

Service around-the-clock

We have seasoned service technicians and staff members who can provide round-the-clock support 365 days a year. Our team can respond to support requests within 24 hours to troubleshoot any technical issues on solar circuit protection products around the globe.

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Remote Support

Our technical support staff utilizes a monitoring system to determine the status of any solar power systems immediately. With the data gathered from our remote tool, our team can provide specific and accurate instructions to resolve the issue.

Telephone Support

BENY Electric provides 24/7 technical phone support around the globe. Our certified team can provide answers to system, procedural, or component issues that may arise. Our support team uses a complete knowledge base shared by each support department, allowing us to provide a proper solution for any specific problems.

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Other Services Offered by BENY Electric



Consult with our experts as they offer solutions that consider cost, materials and functional design in every step of production.

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Product Design & Development

30 years of experience allows us to provide responsive design & production analyses for improved overall performance of our solar PV protection products.

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Creating complete PV protective products, our factory possesses an advanced automatic manufacturing line to efficiently produce bulk orders.

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