Accredited laboratory

Fully-Functional Laboratory

accredited laboratory

Strategically located in China, our manufacturing facility has the proper accreditations and certifications for effective and reliable testing of materials and components. Functioning as our central interface for our projects, we consistently inspect and monitor our products from design to sampling for ideal output. This translates to our clients receiving dependable products that perform optimally in a diverse range of applications.

World-Class Standards

Integrating Manufacturing Quality
Apply established workflows and practices in the manufacturing process

Integrating Manufacturing Quality

Applying established workflows and practices based on industry standards, our manufacturing process makes sure that every step we take is fool-proof with traceable data. Our focus on quality results in optimal quality and production output for every project.

Assuring Conformance
generate reports to show conformance reports

Assuring Conformance

Along with our commitment to quality, our established standards guarantee that each manufacturing step and process is followed consistently. These standards also detect any deviations, generate reports to show conformance reports, and tracing root causes for detected deviations.

Corrective & Preventative Action
trainings on our corrective action/preventive action

Corrective & Preventative Action

With our expertise in working with management quality standards, our corrective action/preventive action capabilities greatly improve our manufacturing output and efficiency. Our expert technicians respond quickly to concerns and provide streamlined solutions that effectively address concerns.

Different Tests

make records of the quality checks

Electrical Cycle Test

Ensuring the reliability of our switches, electrical currents are cycled continuously with DC voltage and current.

UV Aging Test

UV Aging Test

UV resistance performance is tested to guarantee products are viable for outdoor use.

make records on quality checks

High Low-Temperature Humid-Heat Test

The testing chamber places the products under -40°C to 150°C and various humidity and heat conditions.

production line

Glow-Wire Test

To simulate heating effects that may arise in malfunctioning electrical equipment caused by an overloaded connection or overheating component.

High-Temperature Test

High-Temperature Test

The product's overload protection characteristics are tested through long-term exposure to rising heat.

Strong Water Spray Test

IPX5-6 Strong Water Spray Test

Testing the physical and other related properties of the products in the environment of simulated rain.

In Pursuit of Zero Defects

With the rise of client expectations towards quality and price, BENY Electric constantly aims to reduce defects to 0% for every project. Through careful application of our standards in our manufacturing process, error rates are severely decreased, diminishing production costs while increasing output and profit.

High Low-Temperature Humid-Heat Test

Our Certificates

Securing vital certifications and accreditations from reputable authorities, BENY Electric ensures that products from our warehouse are to work with exceptional results.

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