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DC combiner boxes link PV inverters and PV arrays, combining the output of a large number of strings to improve PV performance. Through the design of our combiner box, we enable easy integration of additional functions, such as the inclusion of switches and a second MPPT.


With over 10 production lines, we produce over 200w annually and receive out orders at any volume. We also carry out quality testing that determines the durability of our combiner boxes under extreme conditions. Talk with us today for fast development and negotiable prices.

Our Quality Selection of AC & DC Combiner Boxes

Why Choose Beny Solar Combiner Box

Our combiner box is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion, resisting harsh conditions for long-term and uninterrupted use.

We offer multiple strings input up to 24 solar strings, with a maximum of 30 A per string.

Series Isolator Switches with a max voltage up to 1500V DC widely meet various demands from PV power systems.

We install a pluggable BU-40/3 Surge protector device, providing lightning protection for your PV power system.

A BR-30 touch-safe fuse with LED indicator light offers over-current protection for stable performance.

BD and BB1 series circuit breakers provide short-circuit protection, preventing damages and accidents. 

What Comprises Our Quality Solar Combiner Boxes

High-End Components and Enclosures

Every solar combiner box is equipped with larger enclosures for better cooling of internal components. As most combiner boxes are installed outdoors, we add flame retardants and provide materials with UV resistance, and IP66 degree protection.


Additionally, we provide DC disconnect, DC surge arrester and DC fuse holders from top brands. This way, our solar combiner boxes can offer widespread protection for rooftops anywhere.

Wider Customization Options

To improve rooftop fire protection in residential and commercial applications, we offer numerous custom features that cover all common inverter concerns, from logo to components . Each of our combiner boxes has different numbers of DC inputs and outputs and 3 MPPT variants.

Choose from class I or II variants of overvoltage protection, along with voltage level and IP protection functions that fit into your specific application. Talk to our team today to make the right choices.

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IP Grade

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