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We invite you to check our newest products in our exhibitions that have cemented our brand reputation in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines and beyond, widening our market reach.

SNEC Shanghai 3rd-5th June, 2021

· The latest RSD, EV charger and AFCI combiner box independently developed by ZJBENY appeared in this exhibition.

· Our PV system protection products have won the favor of many exhibitors with first-class quality.

SNEC Shanghai 8th-10th Aug, 2020

· The SNEC Shanghai is the biggest solar PV exhibition in the world.

· ZJBENY has been attending the greatest solar show for 9 years in a row.

EVSE Shanghai 26th-28th Aug, 2020

· ZJBENY BCP Series AC EV Chargers successfully appeared in the 14th EVSE Shanghai.

· With advanced technology and novel appearance design that meet the dual standards of European and national standards, ZJBENY EV chargers have become a standout at the exhibition.

CPTE Shenzhen 2nd-4th Nov, 2020

· ZJBENY BCP Series AC EV Chargers successfully appeared in the 4th CPTE Shenzhen.

· ZJBENY will continue to dig into customized smart charging solutions for new energy vehicles according to different needs, and strive to provide customers with better products, technologies and services more professionally.

SNEC Shanghai 4th-6th April, 2019

· The SNEC Shanghai is the biggest solar PV exhibition in the world.

· ZJBENY has been attending the greatest solar show for 8 years in a row.

Inter Solar Munich 15th-17th May, 2019

· Inter solar Munich is the most important solar exhibition in the world, ZJBENY showed 1000V 1500V DC voltage protecting components and solutions at the show 2019.

· Especially the DC circuit breaker for energy storage system and fire safety switch is the most popular in Europe market.

EXPO Solar Korea 19th-21th June, 2019

· ZJBENY attended EXPO solar exhibition in Korea 2019, with 1000V 1500V DC switch and combiner solutions.

· Glad to meet our long-term business partners in Korea.

Inter Solar Brazil 27th-29th Aug, 2019

· ZJBENY attended Inter solar exhibition in Sao Paulo Brazil 2019.

· Brazil is one of the most important markets, we have most of the market share in Brazil for solar PV protection solutions.

SPI USA 23rd-26th Sep, 2019

· ZJBENY showed the module-level rapid shutdown solution, new DC disconnect switch up to 1500V and UL listed AC switch from 230V-1000VAC in SPI 2019.

REI India 18th-20th Sep, 2019

· ZJBENY showed the high-quality solar DC protecting solutions in the REI exhibition India 2019.

· The customized solar combiner box for solar PV systems is popular in the show.

All Energy Australia 23rd-24th Oct, 2019

· ZJBENY showed the module-level rapid shutdown solution and new DC isolator at the All energy exhibition in Melbourne Australia 2019.

· We have been attended the All Energy show for 8 years in a row. We always supply the newest DC components and protection solutions for Australian market.

KEY Energy Italy 5th-8th Nov, 2019

· ZJBENY showed the solar fire safety switch at KEY energy exhibition Italy 2019, and a full range of solar DC components and solutions.

· We are building business relationships with many solar distributors and equipment manufacturers in Italy via this exhibition.

SNEC Shanghai 28th-30th May, 2018

Inter Solar Brazil 28th-30th Aug, 2018

Green Expo Mexico 4th-6th Sep, 2018

All Energy Australia 3rd-4th Oct, 2018

Solar Show South Africa 28th-29th March, 2017

Ener Solar Brazil 23rd-25th May, 2017

Inter Solar Brazil 22nd-24th Aug, 2017

ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week Thailand 1st-4th June, 2016

Inter Solar Munich 22nd-24th June, 2016

Solar Middle East 19th-21st Sep, 2016

SNEC Shanghai 28th-30th April, 2015

EASTSOLAR Australia 7th-8th May, 2015

Inter Solar Munich 10th-12nd June, 2015

Ener Solar Brazil 15th-17th July, 2015

SPI America 14th-17th Sep, 2015

All Energy Australia 7th-8th Oct, 2015

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