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Working with BENY New Energy  immediately equips you with tools for success as we are the first DC protection brand in China and a leading expert in the solar PV system business and EV charging solutions. We have 30 years of experience in our team to address your market’s concerns.

Join us and we offer customized solutions that meet a wide range of photovoltaic protection and electric vehicle charging needs, innovative R&D, and a long-term warranty of up to 25 years. Services range from marketing plans to support in product design and technical issues.

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Delivering Quality Service from Start to Finish

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Widest Product Range

Varying in price, design, dimensions, and more, our products offer support in complete and reliable in the solar PV system and EV charge industry.

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Attractive Margins

Through our cost control, we will help grow your business and allow you to increase your profit margins.

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Warranty & Support

Stand by our long-lasting products that continue serving you between 5 to 25 years to reduce maintenance costs.

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Prompt Delivery

From prototyping to delivery, we bring our products to you within 2 weeks to meet growing demand.

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Leading Technology

Using the latest equipment throughout production guarantees that our products function more efficiently for longer periods.

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Creative Marketing

Our professional marketing team shows our efficiency through video and images, emphasizing how our quality improves your brand and boost your audience reach.

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