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In line with IEC/EN 616143-31, BENY New Energy offers the market its latest line of modular DC surge protective devices with maximum continuous operating voltage ranging from 1000V to 1500V. Superior design capabilities allow this line to have high-pressure sensitive resistors that react at nanosecond speeds to control the effects of lightning on the PV system.

Trust on our team to deliver innovative and cost-effective DC surge protector solutions for your brand, with over 30 years of expertise seen in every product. Our DC surge protective devices are also covered with a 5-year warranty period that includes support and free replacements, securing your brand for the long term. Talk to our team today!

Latest products

Pioneers at SPD Testing

An industry first in China, BENY New Energy leads the charge in SPD testing at the PV standard using established parameters and protocols. These testing methods ensure that our surge arresters perform optimally for long periods.

DC surge arrester

Plug-in MOV modules

For ideal and continuous functionality, our surge arrestors consist of a base part and 3 plug-in high energy MOV protection modules. These modules include remote signaling contact for device monitoring and thermal disconnect mechanisms for easy fault indication.

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