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Eco-Friendly EV Charger Solution

Our EV charger supplies power to any electrical vehicle with its type 1 or type 2 connector. The wall-mounted design as well as its IP65 dust and waterproof housing makes the PV product suitable for outdoor or indoor spaces. The output of our EV charger ranges from 16amps to 32amps.


BENY Electric is a long-running EV charger and PV products manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience. Our knowledge in manufacturing PV components ensures all of our EV chargers surpass your expectations in terms of service life and performance.

The robust build of our EV charger lets you satisfy various business goals while driving your brand. Contact us for a free consultation.

Rich Selection of EV Charger Solution

Beny EV Charger

Enriching EV Charger Features

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

Allow EV charging stations and central management systems from different vendors to communicate with each other.

Dynamic Load Balancing (optional)

Consumes the house’s power supply efficiently without costly upgrades to your building’s grid connection.

Type 1 or Type 2 is Optional

Compatible with nearly every electrical cars manufactured in the world.

With Emergency Stop Switch

In case of problems, an emergency switch can immediately shut down our EV charger.

PEN Fault Detection

Monitors the electrical system and in the event of a fault automatically disconnects all poles including the earth conductor.

Built-in Type B RCD for Leakage Protection

Each of our EV chargers protects everyone from the dangerous electrical ground.

Over Temperature Sensor

When our EV charger reaches dangerous temperatures, the over-temperature sensor shuts it down.

Clip-on Grid Current Sensor

Grid current sensors control the converters and inverters for power efficiency.

Control Your Charger with Z-BOX APP

Business-Oriented Services

Start from 1

We have an MOQ policy of only one unit, allowing you to test the market with minimum inventory pressure.

In-House Manufacturing

Our EV chargers made from our factory go through a strict QC process for performance and safety.

Wholesale Discounts

We offer deep discounts on bulk orders, helping you increase your ROI.

Timely Response

All of your inquiries and concerns are answered within 24 hours.

Innovative Products

Our series of patents show how we follow technological trends to give you an advantage.

30 Years of Expertise

With 30 years of working in the electrical industry, our team can create innovative EV chargers.

What to consider when buying an EV charger?

Indeed, having a residential EV charger is very convenient for supplying your electric car battery with everyday power needs. So if you need a charging solution, here are a few factors every electric vehicle driver should regard when getting an EV home charging solution.


Your home charging location matters. Although several EV drivers have their garages, others might need to install a home charging station outdoors. If your option is the latter, it is essential to find an EV charger manufacturer who can provide durable and IP-rated EV charging stations. 

BENY offers EV chargers that are wall-mounted and IP65 rated, which means our products are dust and waterproof, making them suitable for outdoor or indoor spaces.


Plugs, and Charging Capacity

This is also an essential factor to consider because you might buy a charging station with excessive features and higher capacity than you need. However, oversizing your EV charging station can also be a good thing for durability factors. For instance, a charging station that is rated to provide 50 amps of current is likely to last longer if it is only applied to charge cars at 16 amps.

beny ev charger with cable

Output Power

Lastly, you need to consider how fast you want your car to be charged. In terms of output power, the most common selections are the single and three-phase chargers. 

  1. 1-phase

A single-phase output power flows via a single conductor. This powers at around 7.4kW, so if you think you will only require a 7kW home charger, a single-phase EV charger fits your needs.

  1. 3-phase

On the other hand, a three-phase output power flows via three conductors. This is materialized in 22kW home chargers, an excellent selection for your residential place since it is versatile and more useful than a single-phase charger.

zjbeny bcp ev charger for RESIDENTIAL

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