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An electric car charger makes use of communication networks to automatically incorporate two-way energy flow, allowing electric vehicle batteries to be used as a utility resource. 

A charging station, also known as an EV charger or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), is a device used to charge connector electric vehicles.

As the need for additional charging stations develops, so does the need for infrastructure that can handle faster recharging at higher currents and voltages than are now available from domestic ESVE.

Top 9 EV Charger Manufacturers

Here’s an outline of the top 9 EV Charger Manufacturers

  1. Beny New Energy 
  2. Siemens
  3. Shell
  4. Eaton Corporation
  5. ABB
  6. EV Box
  7. Tesla
  8. ChargePoint
  9. Webasto Group

Top 9 EV Charger Manufacturers

EV Chargers
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1. Beny New Energy

Type of Business: Electricals
Location (Headquarters): China

Year Founded: 2011

Products Offered:

  • 7.4 kW home charging
  • 7.4 kW Socket with shutter
  • 7.4kW with cable
  • 22kW DLB Function
  • 22kW DLB Function with PE Fault Detection
  • 22kW Dual Sockets
  • Portable EV charger
  • 20kW-240kW DC EV Charging Station

With its type 2 interface, this EV charger can power any electric motor. The PV product is suited for both outdoor and indoor environments due to its wall-mounted style and IP65 dust and waterproof enclosure. 

BENY New Energy is a well-known EV charger and solar panel producer with over 30 years of experience. All of their EV chargers exceed your expectations regarding service, life and efficiency thanks to our expertise in manufacturing PV elements.

2. Siemens

Siemens Logo
Source: Siemens

Type of Business: Industry, energy & infrastructure
Location (Headquarters): Germany

Year Founded: 1847

Products Offered:

  • a choice of electric vehicle interface options as well as a large power range of 100 kW to 800 kW.

Siemens is a firm that specializes in advanced manufacturing. Electrification, mechanization, and digitalization are the company’s main areas of concentration. Siemens also offers engineering services in the areas of automation systems, energy, transportation, and clinical issues.

3. Shell

Shell Logo
Source: Shell

Type of Business: Energy
Location (Headquarters): USA

Products Offered:

  • 50kW
  • 150kW
  • 7kW
  • 22kW

Shell provides on-forecourt EV charging assistance and has fitted around 100 electric car charging locations across the United Kingdom and is concentrating on implementing over 5000 charging stations by 2025. 

4. Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation Logo
Source: Eaton Corporation

Type of Business: Engineering
Location (Headquarters): Ireland

Year Founded: 1911

Products Offered:

  • 22kW
  • 7,4kW

Eaton creates engineered goods for the industrial, automotive, renovation, promotional, and aerospace industries. 

Hydraulic and fluid adapters, electrical power allocation and control devices, engine parts, and a variety of controls are all available from the company. Electric Products, Electrical Solutions and Equipment, Hydraulics, Aviation, Vehicle, and eMobility are the company’s six business divisions. 

Through its eMobility sector, the company competes in the market for electric vehicle charging stations.

5. ABB

ABB Logo
Source: ABB

Type of Business: Industrial Technologies
Location (Headquarters): Switzerland

Year Founded: 1988

Products Offered:

  • AC Destination
  • DC Destination
  • DC Fast
  • Terra 360 All-in one
  • DC High Power
  • Vehicle-to-grid

ABB is a company that specializes in power and industrial technologies. ABB is a global pioneer in the electric vehicle network, providing a comprehensive variety of charging and electrification services for electric vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicles, boats, and trains.

ABB provides entire EV charging solutions, ranging from portable, high-quality AC wall boxes to dependable DC fast-charging stations with a strong connection, as well as revolutionary on-demand electric bus board units. 

The Ability linked chargers from the company allow for quick global repair and preventative maintenance.

6. EV Box

EVBox Logo
Source: EVBox

Type of Business: Electric car supply equipment manufacturer
Location (Headquarters): Netherlands

Year Founded: 2010

Products Offered:

  • EVBox BusinessLine
  • EVBox Iqon
  • EVBox Ultroniq
  • EVBox Troniq Modular

EVBox, based in the Netherlands, is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric car supply equipment and charge management software, with 190,000 charging points installed by 2020. 

EVBox provides a variety of residential and business fast-charging units that are conveniently accessible and cheap, making daily transportation hassle-free and emission-free. It also provides software that allows users to track, monitor, and optimize electric vehicle charging stations. 

EVBox has carved out a niche in the industry by forming partnerships with a variety of network suppliers and electrical equipment vendors to supply charging stations to businesses and residents.

If you’re considering entering the EV charging market, it’s important to understand the different business models available. Check out our blog on Exploring Different EV Charging Station Business Models: Which One Fits Your Venture? to find the best fit for your venture.

7. Tesla

Tesla Logo
Source: Tesla

Type of Business: Automotive & Energy
Location (Headquarters): US

Year Founded: 2003

Products Offered:

  • Wall Connector
  • Supercharger
  • Destination Charging
  • Commercial Charging

Tesla creates high-performance completely electric motors, energy generating, and storage solutions, which it designs, produces, manufactures, and distributes. 

The company owns and operates a sales and support network, as well as selling electric powertrain components to these other automakers.

The firm’s Operations & Other segment is involved in the electric car charging station industry.

The organization has a territorial presence in the United States, China, the Netherland, and Norway, with personnel in over 30 countries.

8. ChargePoint

ChargePoint Logo
Source: ChargePoint

Type of Business: EV Charging Network
Location (Headquarters): California

Year Founded: 2007

Products Offered:

  • Premium EV Chargers
  • Charging for Fleets
  • Drivers

ChargePoint is an accessible electric vehicle charging network that was established in 2007 and is based in Campbell, California. The company offers annual memberships to cloud-based service options that include tools, analytics, payment systems, and driver assistance. 

ChargePoint works with businesses, utilities, governments, retail malls, and parking network operators all over the world.

ChargePoint is now the only charging new tech brand in the market that creates, evolves and manufactures hardware and software solutions for every use particular instance, with over 66,000 community and semi-public commercial charging locations. 

The ChargePoint system is used by leading EV hardware manufacturers and other collaborators to make charging outlet information available in mobile applications, online, and in gps devices for popular EVs.

9. Webasto Group

Webasto Group Logo
Source: Webasto Group

Type of Business: Automobile manufacturers
Location (Headquarters): Germany

Year Founded: 1901

Products Offered:

  • Residential & Commercial Charger
  • 1.4kW
  • 3.8 kW
  • 7.2kW
  • DC Fast Charger

Charging stations, as well as the roof, heaters, cooling, and exhaust vents, are available from Webasto Group. All of its charging solutions adhere to all applicable regulations and OEM guidelines.

The company is present in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and other nations, with staff members in over 50 countries.


Charging stations provide connectors that adhere to different bandwidths and it gets difficult to choose the most suitable. Therefore, we’ve brought you our top 9 EV Charger Manufacturers.

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