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An off-grid solar inverter is designed to work entirely on its own without being connected to the local utility grid. This means that an off-grid solar inverter uses energy generated by solar panels and transforms it into alternating current that is used by your appliances and for lighting. In comparison to a grid-tied solar inverter, an off grid inverter uses a battery bank instead of sending AC energy to the grid.

The best off grid solar inverters have the capability of EV charging and they store energy for future use. The best part about owning an off-grid solar inverter is that you become entirely self-reliant and you do not have to depend on other providers who are not very reliable. In this blog, we are going to have a look at the best off grid solar inverters. Read on.

Factors to Consider for Choosing an Off-grid Solar Inverter

A Pure Sine Wave inverter
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Before acquiring an off grid solar inverter, there are a number of aspects that you need to consider during your search. Depending on your system and your needs for the inverter, you will be able to pick the best off-grid solar inverter that suits your needs. Here are a number of factors to guide you;

  • Size of the inverter: In this case, we are talking about the wattage of the inverter and not the actual physical size. To determine the right size of inverter for your needs, start by adding up the number of watts and voltage of your appliances if they were all on at the same time. Then find an inverter with extra wattage which will give you an allowance for the future in case you add any new appliances.
  • Pure Sine Wave or Modified Sine Wave: Pure Sine Wave inverters deliver cleaner and better quality power as compared to modified sine wave inverters. Some appliances such as pumps and electric vehicles also tend to wear out more quickly with the use of modified sine wave inverters. This leaves the pure sine wave inverters as the best off grid solar inverters.
  • Efficiency: The best off grid solar inverters have an efficiency range of about 96%. This rating means that the inverter delivers maximum energy to run your home.
  • Battery charger capacity: We have already established that off-grid solar inverters have a battery bank that stores direct current. These batteries usually have a charger which is measured in amps. The amperage of the battery charger should be around 50-100 amps DC.
  • Warranty: Consider the warranty period of your solar inverter. The best off grid solar inverters come with a warranty period of almost ten years.
  • Manufacturer: Read extensively on an off-grid solar inverter manufacturer before working with one. It is also good to ascertain that they have all the necessary certifications that qualify them as the best in their field. 

With all that said, let us now dive into the best off grid solar inverters available in the market today.

Morningstar SureSine

Morningstar SureSine inverter
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This off grid solar inverter is mostly for small home applications and can only handle lighting, phone charging, and an energy-efficient television. It has only 300 watts of power output which makes it quite small in capacity. You might be wondering why then is it on this list of the best solar inverters in the world. Well, this off grid solar inverter is famous for its durability and ability to work in the harshest conditions. 

The Morningstar SureSine inverter is also used for small industrial applications that do not require too much energy. This off grid solar inverter is very efficient and can serve you for extended periods of time.

Magnum Energy

The Magnum Energy inverter
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The Magnum Energy MS-PAE solar inverter exists in two models, MS4024PAE and MS4448PAE. Some of its strongest features include powerful battery chargers and excellent surge capabilities. This off grid solar inverter is very easy to install and use which makes it a user-friendly solar inverter. 

Other features of the Magnum Energy MS-PAE include a battery monitor and an automatic generator and a web kit that enables you to monitor your inverter remotely. You use up to four of these inverters at the same time which makes it ideal for large off-grid applications. It is a pure sine wave inverter and comes with a warranty period of up to five years which adds to its already amazing features. The Magnum Energy MS-PAE is among the best off grid solar inverters in the market today.

Schneider Conext XW Pro

Schneider Conext XW Pro inverter
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The Schneider Conext XW Pro solar inverter has a power output capacity of 6.8kW and it works with a 48-volt battery bank. In comparison to the Magnum Energy MS-PAE inverter, you can also stack up several of these solar inverters together and use them for large-scale off-grid applications. 

It comes with a battery monitor, a power distribution channel, and an automatic generator start. This off-grid solar inverter can be used for both small home applications and large industrial applications of up to 102kW when stacked together of course. This wide range of features makes the Schneider Conext XW Pro one of the best off grid solar inverters in the world.

Outback Power Radian

The Outback Power Radian inverter
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The Outback Power Radian can be used both as an off-grid solar inverter and a grid-tied solar inverter to enable you to sell any excess power that you might have. This solar inverter is currently available in two sizes, the 4kW and the 8kW which can be combined together to achieve up to 80kW to support large off-grid applications. It comes with software known as the Optics RE to enable you to keep tabs on your system remotely. You also get alerts in case of any system challenges. The Outback Power radian is the first solar inverter that has the ability to serve in both off-grid and on-grid applications.

AMPINVT Solar Inverter

The AMPINVT Solar Inverter
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This is a Pure Sine Wave solar inverter that delivers the best quality power to run your off-grid applications. The AMPINVT solar inverter has the ability to handle different battery types including lithium, gel, and flooded batteries. It has a capacity of up to 9000 watts which makes it ideal for extremely large industrial applications as well as huge home applications. 

With this inverter, you can choose different operation modes which include ECO mode, AC input, battery point, and unattended mode. This gives more control of your system. This off grid solar inverter is also used for electric vehicle charging which makes it a highly efficient solar inverter. Not to forget, the AMPINVT solar inverter also comes with a remote monitoring system that lets you monitor your system’s functions.

Beny Electric for Off Grid Solar Inverter Parts

You cannot operate an off grid solar inverter without some major components which are mostly sold separately. For the best quality off-grid solar inverter parts, Beny electric has got you. They manufacture everything from rapid shutdown devices, DC isolator switches, combiner boxes, EV chargers among other components. Beny Electric also offers consultation services for all your solar inverter queries.


Off-grid solar inverters are the best solution if you want to avoid those constant power outages. They are the best alternative for rural areas where there is no electrical grid power. The energy stored in your inverter batteries is enough to last you during cold winter seasons when there is inadequate solar energy. You also get to conserve the environment by the use of green energy and save money on electricity bills. Check our website for more information on off grid solar inverters and other solar energy-related issues.

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