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Are you seeking the best EV charging station manufacturers in Europe? You are currently at the right place!

Electric vehicle sales have skyrocketed all around the world. This is because people are becoming more aware of the benefits of using them. These vehicles use less gas, are healthier, and require less maintenance. EV charging manufacturers are all over the world. Today we will put focus on the best EV charging station manufacturers in Europe.

List Of The Best EV Charging Station Manufacturers In Europe



Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Location: Munich, Germany

Main Markets: America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Year Of Establishment: 1847

Certificates: ISO certification

Siemens, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is Europe’s largest manufacturer, specializing in health care, technology, energy, and transportation. With his design for the pointer telegraph in 1847, Werner von Siemens laid the groundwork for today’s Siemens AG. From simple charge to fast charging, the firm has installed a variety of electric vehicle charging systems. Siemens has also introduced a wall box charging system that may be utilized in both private and semi-private settings.

Siemens mixes the real and digital worlds as a focused technology company to assist customers to address the significant issues of our day. Their businesses and local organizations have the entrepreneurial freedom to best serve their customers and markets; the structure is aimed toward producing value for consumers, building technology with a purpose, and therefore improving the lives of billions of people. They develop technology to make the mundane more interesting.

Products and services offered:

  • Converter
  • installation
  • Geared Motors
  • Consultation 
  • Grid Converter
  • DC Converter


ABB Logo

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Main Markets: America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Years Of Experience: Over 130 years

Certificates: ISO certification

ABB is a leading worldwide technology corporation based in Zürich, Switzerland, that provides products and services in a variety of industries, including power, robotics, automotive, and electrics. ABB pushes the limits of technology by combining software with its electrification, robotics, automation, and motion portfolios to achieve new levels of performance. ABB’s success is fuelled by approximately 105,000 exceptional employees in over 100 countries, with a 130-year legacy of excellence.

ABB has introduced EV charging solutions spanning from entry-level to high-end, as well as compact AC wall boxes and fast DC charging stations with seamless communication. This ensures that everyone has reliable and convenient emission-free mobility. ABB signed a deal in July 2021 to set up and develop Qatar’s largest e-bus charging station project across numerous locations, as well as offer high-power charging infrastructure for bus depots and 12 metro stations.

Products and services offered:

  • Control Room Solutions
  • Drives
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Power Converters
  • Low Voltage Products and Systems
  • Power Inverters
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Medium Voltage Products


Webasto Logo

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Location: Stockdorf

Main Markets: America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Year Of Establishment: 1901

Certificates: ISO certification

Webasto is a global innovative systems partner to almost all vehicle manufacturers and is recognized among the industry’s top 100 suppliers. The Webasto Group, founded in 1901 in Stockdorf in Munich, now has over 50 locations around the world, with more than 30 of them being production facilities. They are available when and when customers require them. 

They have continually set the technology and design trends in their primary business areas of sunroofs and panorama roofs, convertible roofs, and parking heaters. They are also tackling the growing industry of electromobility with electric heating systems, charging solutions, and battery systems. 

Future mobility will rely heavily on sustainability. This entails, among other things, lowering fuel usage and utilizing alternate driving systems. To that purpose, we provide cutting-edge technologies and products to automakers and end-users. 

Products and services offered:

  • Roof Systems
  • AC components
  • Thermo Systems
  • Charging Systems
  • Battery Systems


EVBox Logo

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Main Markets: America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Year Of Establishment: 2010

Certificates: ISO certification

EVBox, founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands is a leading global manufacturer of electric car supply products and charge management software, with 190,000 charging points installed by 2020. EVBox provides a variety of commercial and residential fast-charging stations that are conveniently accessible and cheap, making daily transportation hassle-free and emission-free. 

EVBox has carved out a niche in the industry by forming partnerships with a variety of network providers and electrical equipment manufacturers to supply charging stations to businesses and residents. It also provides software that allows users to track, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging stations. 

EVBox’s electric vehicle charging systems have helped thousands of forward-thinking businesses all around the world embrace electric mobility and achieve their goals since 2010. By 2023, consumers and partners will have contributed to the installation of one million charging stations, making mobility more environmentally friendly and accessible.

Product and services offered:

  • EV chargers
  • Software trackers
  • Consultation Services
  • Charging Accessories


Efacec Logo

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Location: Portugal

Main Markets: America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Years Of Experience: Over 70 years

Certificates: ISO certification

Efacec is a Portuguese company established more than 70 years ago. Through the integration of various abilities and the most cutting-edge technology, they generate value with Energy, Environment, and Transportation solutions that improve everyone’s daily lives. Fast chargers range in power from 60 to 120 kW and can charge up to three electric vehicles at once. We satisfy the needs of future high voltage EVS with a fresh new design.

Efacec also helps people grow in a learning and improvement-oriented organization. Efacec’s electric car charging stations range from rapid charging to ultra-fast charging, and are accessible for both private and public use. Efacec has a strong export profile and is present in over 65 countries throughout the world. With almost 70 years of brand history and outstanding people behind it.

Products and services offered:

  • EV chargers
  • Consultation services
  • Quick chargers
  • Home charger
  • High power chargers
  • High voltage chargers

Best EV Charger Supplier In China

Benny Logo

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter

Location: Zhejiang, China

Main Markets: Globally.

Year Of Establishment: 2011

Certificates: ISO certification

After seeing the best EV charger suppliers in the UK, I won’t be doing you any favors if I don’t mention Beny, a leading EV charger manufacturer situated in China. Beny’s location in China should not concern you; they transport all of their products worldwide at a reasonable price; all you have to do is place your purchase. Because of their more than 30 years of experience in the electrical business, they can manufacture solar DC components and EV Chargers that meet the most contemporary DC specifications. Click here to become a dealer and work with Beny Electric.

Products And Services Offered:

  • Rapid Shutdown Device 
  • Combiner Box 
  • DC Isolator Switch 
  • EV Charger 
  • DC Circuit Breaker
  • DC Fuse Holder
  • DC Contactor


To prevent falling prey to counterfeit products, it’s always a good idea to get your EV chargers from reputable manufacturers and vendors. The above list should serve as a guide for you, and it should be your first priority. Beny will take care of you with all types of EV chargers. If you have any questions, you can easily contact us by phone or email. We are ready to serve you.

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