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DC Disconnect Switch 1500V 50A BYSS.1-50/T IEC&AS

BENY New Energy BYSS.1-50/T DC Isolator 1500V DC 40A Panel Mounting 2P 3P 4P 6P 8P 9P Solar Isolator Switch

Highlights :

  • Panel mounting
  • IEC60947.3/AS60947.3
  • 1500V at 16A to 30A
  • 800V/1000V/1200V at 15A to 50A
  • Patented arc extinguishing instruction for arc interruption in 3ms.
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800V 1000V 1200V 1500V levels DC disconnect switch IEC60947.3

The BYSS.1-50/T (panel mounting) series DC switch is developed for solar PV high power voltage.


Compact switch body design for solar inverter build-in DC switch, solar combiner box and a full range of DC applications.


Up to 1000VDC 50A circuit with single conductor.


1500V max with current from 16A to 30A.


Model BYSS.1-50/T
Poles 2P 3P 4P 6P 8P 9P
Rated Operational Voltage (Ue) 800V,1000V,1200V,1500V
Rated Current 15A-50A
Mechanical Cycle 10000
Electrical Cycle 300

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