Explained: What is Hybrid Inverter and How Does It Work

Home Explained: What is Hybrid Inverter and How Does It Work

As a business owner, you must know about hybrid inverters to adapt yourself to the always-changing world of sustainable energy options. This blog explores what is hybrid inverter and explains its types, how they work, and how are they different from microinverters. 

This blog will help businesses build an effective, sustainable energy infrastructure by understanding hybrid inverters and their function.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

What Is A Hybrid Inverter?

In modern energy systems, a hybrid solar inverter plays a critical role. They help businesses to achieve grid independence and become energy efficient.

Explanation Of A Hybrid Inverter 

A hybrid inverter transforms DC power into AC electricity using solar PV power generation or other sources. These inverters can store AC power in batteries. 

Hybrid inverters are known for their capacity to provide off-grid electricity and easy installation. The hybrid inverter, unlike a simple inverter, combines an inverter, battery charger, and charge controller into a portable device.

Importance Of Hybrid Inverters In Modern Energy Systems 

The trends in the sustainable energy market keep evolving, and hybrid inverters were invented to tend to these trends. These inverters serve as an inexpensive option in comparison to traditional inverters. 

Businesses are constantly looking for portable solutions for how they operate, and hybrid inverters offer them the freedom to build a cost-effective solution for supplying power to their commercial building.

Solar Power Inverter
Solar Power Inverter

Types Of Hybrid Inverters 

After understanding what is a hybrid solar inverter, the knowledge of the different types of hybrid inverters is crucial. Keep reading to find out what all types of hybrid inverters are there in the market today.

Grid-Tied Hybrid Inverters

Grid-tied hybrid inverters are an excellent solution for integrating renewable energy sources into existing utility grids because they can work with conventional power supplies to maximize overall output. 

These smartly designed inverters have built-in coordination mechanisms that synchronize their flow of electricity with that from the larger grid network allowing them to operate at peak efficiency levels regardless of fluctuations or interruptions in supply.

Off-Grid Hybrid Inverters

Let’s discuss the next type of hybrid inverter. What is a hybrid solar inverter that is off-grid?

Hybrid inverters of the off-grid type are made for stand-alone power systems that are not connected to the utility grid. Businesses can use this hybrid inverter to build a self-sustaining energy system as they store the charge in the battery storage system. The stored energy is then transferred to the inverter whenever there is a power shortage, especially at night.

Hybrid Inverter
Hybrid Inverter

Backup Hybrid Inverters

As the name suggests, a backup hybrid inverter is designed to supply backup power during energy grid interruptions. These inverters are often integrated into solar power systems connected to the grid and operate with energy storage devices like batteries.

How Do Hybrid Inverters Work?

Now that you have learned about what is a hybrid inverter solar you must be wondering how hybrid inverters operate. This section briefly introduces hybrid inverters’ components and operation, shedding light on how they serve as a fit for a renewable energy system.

Overview Of Hybrid Inverter Operation

Hybrid inverters are a flexible and integral part of today’s energy systems because they effectively convert DC power from renewable energy sources into AC power while facilitating two-directional energy flow.

AC And DC Coupling

Hybrid inverters rely on DC coupling to connect to the battery, while AC coupling serves to connect to the grid. Transferring energy between AC and DC systems becomes possible as an outcome allowing for efficient and reliable operation.

Hybrid Inverter Components And Their Functions

Transfer switches, battery chargers, charging controllers, and DC-to-AC distribution box/converters are essential parts of hybrid inverters. 

  • The DC-to-AC converter converts DC power stored in the batteries or solar panels to AC power.
  • The transfer switch’s job is to transition between the grid power and the power stored in the batteries.
  • As the name implies, the battery charger charges the battery bank to keep it running.
  • The charging controller ensures that the grid does not get overcharged or undercharged, ensuring the optimal operation of the solar grid.

Differences Between Hybrid Inverters And Microinverter

After learning what is a hybrid inverter, it becomes essential to learn about the differences between hybrid inverters and microinverters. 

Flexibility And Scalability

When compared to hybrid inverters, microinverters like the BENY Microinverter provide excellent flexibility and scalability. Microinverters function on a single-panel basis, in contrast to hybrid inverters, which normally operate with a row of solar panels. This indicates that every solar panel has its microinverter, which enables efficient and autonomous operation.


Any electrical system must prioritize safety, and a microinverter has certain benefits over a hybrid solar inverter when it comes to safety. 

As mentioned above, each solar panel has its microinverter, which separates each panel from the rest of the solar energy system of your commercial building. This microinverter function helps businesses increase fire safety and gives them peace of mind. 

But when you use a hybrid inverter, you might not get the fire safety advantage. Even a single defect in one panel can affect the system when using the hybrid inverter.

microinverter by BENY
Source: BENY

Choose A Reliable Supplier For Microinverter: BENY

BENY is a well-known and reputable provider in the industry renowned for its outstanding microinverter technology.

Superior Effectiveness And Performance

The BENY Microinverters are designed to deliver superior performance. They help businesses to optimize the power output from each solar panel. BENY uses smart algorithms and modern technology to ensure its products are relevant to modern-day businesses.

BENY logo
Source: BENY

Increases Reliability And Durability

Microinverters made by BENY have stood the test of time and proven to be the highest quality. They deliver the best performance and can operate in adverse environmental conditions. BENY ensures its products go through a comprehensive testing process so that the customers can get the best microinverters.


In conclusion, hybrid inverters are an effective inverter option for businesses that want to achieve grid independence. However, microinverters by BENY can be a better alternative to hybrid inverters, as seen in the comparison above. 

BENY is a reliable microinverter manufacturer because they provide the highest quality products to help you create a robust energy system. By selecting BENY microinverters for your energy requirements, you can take the next step towards a more sustainable future. Contact BENY to build a reliable energy infrastructure for your business.

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