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BENY New Energy is a globally recognized manufacturer of protection components for solar systems. Our more than 30 years of expertise in the electrical business enables us to design solar DC components that meet the most recent DC standards. We can deliver brand-building PV protection solutions thanks to our concentration on solar DC protection design.

BENY New Energy handles all of your production requirements under one roof. Our experienced team of professionals completes the manufacturing with efficiency and perfection, from design and material selection through bulk production and inspection. Our factory has received worldwide authority certifications, confirming the quality of our dc breakers. 

Our BESS are usually rechargeable systems that preserve solar energy and are capable of supplying the power for residential or commercial use.

What is BESS?

Rechargeable battery systems that store energy from solar arrays or the electric grid and provide it to a house or company are known as battery energy storage systems. They are known for employing advanced technology that the common batteries don’t, they are capable of doing things that were prior almost impossible to be done, such as shifting loads and shaving peaks. 


Electric Battery energy storage systems from Beny offer reliable safe power protection and circuit breakers, made for use in solar photovoltaic, industrial battery storage, and electric car powering stations.


BENY New Energy’s modern battery energy storage systems are simple to install, generally maintenance-free. They are also waterproof and safe for both humans and pets.


Primary Components in BESS

BENY New Energy‘s modern battery energy storage systems are often equipped with an inverter and digital control systems.

A power supply system. It is made up of individual battery cells that convert chemical energy to electrical energy. The cells are arranged in modules, which form battery packs.

A mechanism for managing batteries (BMS). A BMS protects the battery system's safety. It monitors battery cell health, measures parameters and states such as state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH), and protects batteries from fires and other hazards.

An inverter is a type of power conversion system (PCS). This transforms the direct current (DC) generated by batteries into the alternating current (AC) delivered to facilities. Bidirectional inverters in battery energy storage systems enable charging and discharging.

A mechanism for managing energy (EMS). This is in charge of monitoring and controlling the flow of energy within a battery storage system. An EMS coordinates the activities of a BMS, a PCS, and other BESS components.

AC isolator switches are used to isolate the circuit from its power source and are an important factor in the effective management of photovoltaic power generation. BENY New Energy manufactures high-quality isolator switches with top-of-the-line weatherproofed materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions for extended periods, extending service life.

AC SPD- The fundamental protective system for all low voltage electrical systems is the Type 2 SPD. It is fitted in every electric powered switchboard to keep safe the plugged things and prevent the continued transmission of excess voltage in the electric-powered installations.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)- Solar PV System Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Widely used in a variety of situations where a continuous power outage is not permitted. Can be used in conjunction with an inverter. BENY New Energy makes high-quality Automatic Transfer Switches using top-of-the-line weatherproofed materials that can survive harsh weather conditions for extended periods, extending service life.

How can Beny Help Support your PV Station?

Commercial Applications

Peak shaving – In a commercial scenario, peak shaving is the most essential use of energy storage. Nonetheless, Battery-powered storing devices make sure that no power above the required unit is drawn from the main source during peak times.

Load shifting –BESS makes it possible for organizations to change energy power by exchanging solar-powered batteries with direct solar energy or in times when the use of electricity is cheap and discharge the use of batteries accordingly.

Emergency backup – battery energy storage solutions, like the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) under your desk or in your server room, can keep operations operating during power outages.

Residential Applications

Solar Self-consumption– Energy storage enables homes to store excess solar energy produced during the day and consume it at night.

Off-grid – Batteries are important for a solar-powered off-grid dwelling. Most recent systems are faster to install, easy to design, relatively cheaper, scalable, and by far way safer.

Emergency Backup – The peace of mind that comes with keeping the electricity on during an outage is provided by battery energy storage. Energy storage works with or without solar and is a safe and smooth alternative to tiny generators, which are a major source of carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States.

How BENY BESS DC Circuit Breaker help secure BESS safety?

BENY New Energy battery energy storage system DC circuit breakers are developed for solar photovoltaic, electric car charging stations, industrial battery storage, and UPS applications, and they provide dependable and safe protection and isolating devices.

Our factory has received worldwide authority certifications, confirming the quality of our dc breakers.

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