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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for Solar PV Systems.Widely used in various occasions where continuous power failure is not allowed. Can be used with an inverter. BENY Electric manufactures superior-quality Automatic Transfer Switches, using top-class weatherproofed materials that withstand external weather conditions for long periods, increasing service life.



Backed by over 9 years of experience in manufacturing photovoltaic string protection equipment, we understand market trends well and provide exceptional assistance in creating reliable switches. Our switches are covered with a 5-year warranty that includes free replacements. Book a consultation today and see how our switches match your market needs.

Our Automic Transfer Switch Product Line

What is a Solar Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS)?

When a circuit abnormality is detected, the Automatic Transfer System (ATS) may convert your source of power supply from off-grid to on-grid. When the photovoltaic battery becomes low, the system will automatically shift to on-grid electricity to keep it functioning.

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How does ATS Work in a Solar PV System?

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An automated transfer switch links your backup power, which might be a specialized standby power generator or cells, to your house.


When a power loss is detected, the transmission system converts your home to backup generators. When the electricity is reconnected, it will return to the power grid.

ATS for PV System Installation Guide & Tips

Please verify that experts have read this handbook prior to installation and connection.

Please ensure that the ATS is in good working order before installing it. Then, using the working handle, switch on the ATS and examine the versatility of the working mechanism, as well as the on and off conditions of each stage and the capacity of the normal and backup sources of energy.

The product’s label is visible at the front. Feel free to contact us if you are unable to install in the indicated direction owing to wiring or other factors. The safety lengths S1, S2 must not be smaller. 

Confirm the voltage of the controlled power source: 50/60Hz AC220V. The control circuit’s connecting cable should not be overly lengthy. The copper wire’s cross-sectional area should be more than 2.0mm.

To protect the safety of workers and equipment, please provide the ATS with appropriate switchgear following the specifications of the power distribution network.

An ATS unit is a critical element of your overall modern power system because it prevents complete power loss in the event of equipment malfunction between Direct current (Solar battery) and Alternating current power (on-grid).

Projects involving the installation of electrical wiring for the sake of safety and home renovation should be carefully done and most preferably handled by professionals because they are very risky.

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