Powering Progress: A Rooftop Photovoltaic System Case Study in Madrid, Spain

Home Powering Progress: A Rooftop Photovoltaic System Case Study in Madrid, Spain

In the pursuit of sustainable energy alternatives, rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems have gained increasing popularity. This case study delves into a rooftop solar project, utilizing a comprehensive solution from Beny, including microinverters, rapid shutdown systems, surge protectors, and DC circuit breakers. These meticulously selected components aim to optimize energy production, enhance safety measures, and ensure the longevity of the solar energy system.


Project Overview

Type: Rooftop Photovoltaic System

Location: Madrid, Spain

Products: PV Components (DC surge protectors, DC isolator switches, DC circuit breakers, etc.), microinverters, rapid shutdown systems

Objectives: Utilize unused rooftop space and harness optimal sunlight conditions to power daily operations, save on electricity costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Benys Comprehensive Solution and Advantages

The successful installation and long-term, efficient operation of a rooftop photovoltaic system require meticulous consideration and prudent decision-making. Balancing efficiency, safety, stability, and system maintenance is a significant challenge. As a leading manufacturer in the photovoltaic industry, Beny has customized a comprehensive solution for the Madrid rooftop system, maximizing energy production efficiency while ensuring the system’s long-term stability and ease of maintenance.


Beny’s microinverters play a vital role in improving the system’s energy efficiency with their independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). The module-level monitoring performs operational status checking and fault points identification of the system.


Besides from the efficiency, the stability and security is also at the core of system’s operation. To ensure this, Beny selects various types of PV components such as rapid shutdown system, DC surge protectors and DC circuit breakers. For instance, once a malfunction, overtemperature, or AC power loss is detected, the rapid shutdown system can achieve module-level shutdown in microseconds. The personnel can manually disconnect the load with a button switch as well for safe execution of system maintenance or firefighting tasks. Being installed in open rooftop areas, Beny DC Surge Protectors are necessary to provide T2 class protection. In the event of a surge voltage, it can respond rapidly in nanoseconds, dissipating surge voltage swiftly. Furthermore, Beny’s DC circuit breakers provide overload, short circuit, and anti-backflow protection, with an arc flash barrier enhancing system safety and stability.


It is worth noting that the selected Beny products for this system are adaptable to complex environments, with a wide operating temperature range and high protection rating for excellent dust and water resistance. This enhances product performance stability, long-term reliability, and service life. Moreover, Beny products have undergone rigorous tests, obtaining certifications from renowned institutions such as CE, TUV Rheinland, RoHS, UL, Australia TUV, ensuring product quality (refer to detailed product information for actual conditions).

Outstanding Outcomes of the Project

1.The rooftop photovoltaic system has achieved the expected electricity generation, resulting in significant energy cost savings. Over an extended operational period, the system’s return on investment will continue to grow, delivering sustained energy and economic benefits.

2.Since the official grid connection and start of operation, the system has remained consistently safe and reliable, with no safety incidents, demonstrating the security, reliability, and stability of Beny’s solution. With the deployment of high-quality PV components from Beny, the system will continue to operate stably as expected.
3.The rooftop photovoltaic system has significantly reduced its carbon footprint. By generating clean, renewable energy, it contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with global clean energy initiatives and making a tangible impact on the ground.


This rooftop photovoltaic system case demonstrates the successful integration of industry-leading solutions from Beny, installing a high-performance, safe, and efficient solar energy system. By integrating microinverters, rapid shutdown systems, DC surge protectors, and DC circuit breakers, the project not only maximizes energy production but also prioritizes safety and ease of maintenance, setting a benchmark for future rooftop solar installations. In the future, Beny will remain committed to providing innovative products and comprehensive solutions, ensuring worldwide applications of solar energy through continuous research and development.

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