Department of Commerce of Zhejiang bestowed an award to BENY Electric as ‘Zhejiang Export Premium Brand’

beny award 20210825140737

Proud to be listed as a Zhejiang Export Premium Brand by the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province.

What you need is only a top brand, for Solar DC/AC Switchgears and protecting solutions for PV and BESS.

*DC Switch : 1000V 1500V 32A- 400A (IEC / UL98B)

DC Isolator Switch
DC Isolator Switch

*DC SPD: 1000V 1500V (IEC / UL)

DC Surge Arrester
DC Surge Arrester

*DC Breaker: 300V-1500V (UL489B listed / IEC standard)

DC Circuit Breaker
DC Circuit Breaker

*DC Contactor 1000V-1500V 350ADC

dc contactor bevr11

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