6 Major Benefits from Home AC EV Charger: A German Case Study

Home 6 Major Benefits from Home AC EV Charger: A German Case Study

The rise of electric vehicles has brought about a profound transformation in our modes of transportation. With the increasing popularity of electric cars, home charging has become a necessity for more and more car owners. However, in places like Europe, where the prevalence of charging stations is relatively low, car owners often need to queue up at public charging stations, wasting time and increasing costs. To address this issue, Beny has provided home charging solutions for EV owners and carried out a successful project for local residents in Berlin, Germany. This solution selects the Beny BCP-AT2N-L AC EV charger, offering users a safe, convenient, and efficient charging experience.


Project Overview
Location: Berlin, Germany
Application Scenario: Home (Residential)
Selected Product: Beny BCP-AT2N-L AC EV charger, with a charging power of 11 kW
Project Purpose: To provide a convenient electric vehicle charging solution for households, helping homeowners achieve convenient home charging, save electricity costs, and improve their quality of life.

Solving the Berlin Charging Challenge
The project faces challenges such as the coordination between the EV charger and household appliances, user safety requirements, and how to effectively manage power consumption in a home environment. The solution is required to be highly intelligent, stable, reliable, and seamlessly integrate into daily family life.


Beny’s EV Charging Solution, Beyond Convenience
Compact and Stylish Design
For this homeowner, the EV charger’s appearance is one of the considerations. Beny AC EV charger’s stands out for the sleek design, which greatly appeals to the homeowner. Its compact and stylish design not only suits the home environment but also saves space, providing a better overall experience.

Convenient Charging
Charging at home is undoubtedly the most convenient way. After comprehensively considering issues like the household power grid capacity, electric vehicle battery capacity, and daily usage habits, the homeowner chooses an 11kW charger, with charging connector compatible with German standards and his car model. The homeowner can initiate charging by swiping a RFID card or using the app, completing the charging process efficiently and effortlessly. It is worthwhile to mention that Beny’s EV chargers are compatible with different connector standards and car models, so users do not need to worry about incompatibility. Talk to Beny’ experts and they will find a solution for you.


Load Balance Between EV Charger and Households

Since the EV charger is always connected to the home grid, the load balancing becomes an important issue. The German homeowner is worrying about whether he can normally use home appliances when charging. This problem is perfectly solved with a key feature of Beny’s AC EV charger, Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB). It measures the power of household appliances in real-time and adjusts the charger’s power. This balance ensures that the homeowner can just watch the TV, wash the clothes, and turn on the air conditioner while charging without causing power overload issues, improving the overall stability of the power system.

App Monitoring and Control

Intelligence is crucial to a modern family. The homeowner can connect the EV charger to Beny’s app via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This allows for charging monitoring and management, providing access to important information such as charging current, power, and electricity consumption. The homeowner is able to adjust the charging power based on his preference. This feature helps him efficiently manage home electricity, enhancing control over the charging process and flexibility.


Enhanced Safety

The homeowner plans to install the charger outdoors, requiring the EV charger to withstand variable outdoor conditions such as wind, dust, rain and fluctuating temperature. The Beny charger has an IP65 protection rating and operates within a temperature range of -25°C to +55°C, perfectly adapting to the changing environments. Additionally, Beny AC EV charger is equipped with multiple protection functions, including over-current protection, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, etc. This guarantees the stability and safety of the charging process, allowing the homeowner to charge with confidence. 

Worry-less One-stop Solution

From pre-sales consultation and purchase to installation and after-sales service, Beny provides the homeowner with a one-stop solution. When the homeowner first come for consultation, Beny’s local team gives him detailed introduction to the product to let him have a comprehensive understanding the product. After actually purchasing the product, the team help evaluate the residence, install the charger, test the charging, and is always ready for any problems occur. It ensures the convenience and timeliness of communication and service provision. No matter you’re a newcomer or an expert in EV charging, Beny’s local team will find an optimal solution for you.

A Family’s Transformation

The implementation of the project has yielded significant results, not only solving the problem of home charging but also bringing homeowners a more convenient, safe, and efficient charging experience. The homeowner states that the Beny BCP-AT2N-L AC EV charger has changed his life, bringing tangible benefits. He exclaims, “With Beny’s charger, I can easily charge at home, eliminating the time and hassle of finding public charging stations, saving time and worries. The safety performance of this charger is very high, and I use it with confidence. Moreover, the design is very stylish, and I really like it.”

The successful application of the Beny BCP-AT2N-L AC EV charger in Berlin homes demonstrates how advanced technology can create a more intelligent and convenient travel experience in everyday life. This is not just a technological leap but also an active practice of the concept of sustainable travel. Through this project, we see that electric vehicle charging technology is bringing about real and practical changes in people’s lives. We also welcome more users to join the ranks of clean energy travel and collectively build a sustainable future. For more product information, please visit: www.evb.com.


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