Solar Combiner Boxes: Why We Need Them

Home Solar Combiner Boxes: Why We Need Them

For homes and organizations that run a large solar power setup that contains a couple of panels with several strings, a reliable combiner box manufacturer must be contacted for a suitable solar combining box. This helps to integrate the power of all the strings in one place, which makes control and maintenance easier.

Combiner boxes are inexpensive in relation to other solar panel components, but provide the whole system with numerous outstanding benefits.

Before proceeding to the benefits, let’s have a look at what a solar combiner box is.

What is Solar Combiner Box

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The solar combiner box is a strong device that combines multiple solar panel strings from photovoltaic (PV) cells. It culminates and brings the flowing output of the strings in one place, providing a perfect enclosure and easing their operation.

The connected strings can be AC or DC. But it must be noted that only one type should be connected in a box as they operate at different voltages. So, an AC combiner box, which usually has its contact arc extinguishing structure in the grid form should be used for solar panel strings with AC voltage. The case is the opposite for DC solar panel strings as the extinguishing device structure is the majority in the magnetic blowing form.

Solar combining box was invented following the need to make use of solar energy and enhance seamless operation. In conjunction with this, many companies are manufacturing various devices that help in converting resources like sun, water, and wind into energies that are capable of solving the world’s problems.

Importance of Solar Combiner Boxes

An AC combiner box
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A solar combiner box is similar to a junction box, an electrical enclosure that connects several wires and cables through various ports. Even though solar combiner boxes are designed to be compact and simple, they offer numerous benefits, which are highlighted below.

  • Having integrated all the wires in one place, they reduce the number of connections to the fuse terminals, making it possible to locate each wire easily.
  • With solar combiner boxes, people find it easier and faster to operate the whole solar panel system from one point. They simplify maintenance and repairs as every connection is easily located, detached, and reconnected. 
  • Solar combiner boxes prevent too much power from entering the inverter, serving as a rapid remote shutdown switch as all the wires are connected to them. They can be used to quickly shut down the system in the event of a voltage surge. This offers guaranteed safety and peace of mind, as well as limited damage, ensuring that extra money is not spent on buying another inverter.
  • Problems that result from too many wire connections like hooking cords into the inverter are eliminated.
  • Solar combiner boxes ensure that the wires are in proper order to prevent energy loss from the panels to the inverter.
  • Helps in saving money. It reduces the cost of both material and labor as the number of wires connected to the inverter is reduced.
  • Solar combiner boxes’ simplicity of installation helps in reducing extra costs.
  • They can also be used for storing numerous auxiliary components like hardware for surge protection, string monitoring, and DC disconnects.

Applications of Solar Combiner Boxes

Operation of a Solar Combiner Box
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Combiner boxes can be used in both residential and commercial settings. However, a combiner box is not important for establishments that have below three strings as the main purpose is to integrate the connection of too many wires. For instance, in a typical home, a combiner box is not needed as 1 to 3 strings are usually used. Rather, the strings are connected directly to the inverter. But for other establishments that use 4 to 4000 strings, the combiner box is a necessity.

Combiner boxes are available in different sizes depending on the application they will be used for. In residential settings, smaller types of combiner boxes are needed to bring the few strings to a central location for seamless installation, disconnect, maintenance, and repair. In commercial settings, bigger sizes that are capable of containing many strings are used.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Combiner Boxes

DC AC Combiner Box
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A high-quality solar combiner box is needed to enjoy all the benefits stated above. Following the complete guide to buying solar combiner boxes, highlighted below are the major factors that should influence your buying decision.

  • Quality: The combiner box’s quality is the most important factor especially since it’s the device that protects other components. If it’s of low quality, other components will easily get damaged. For a further guarantee of the combiner box’s quality, it must conform to some certifications, such as the UL1741.

Moreover, buying the same device over and over again is a headache. So, high quality should be ensured regardless of the cost.

  • Strong enclosure: It must be compatible with the system and provide adequate protection. The strings should be fully encapsulated and protected from lightning surges, voltage fluctuations, and other damaging elements. A high-quality combiner box would come with a DC fuse to shut down the power system, as well as DC circuit breakers in correspondence to the number of string modules.
  • Necessity: List out the factors that are most important for your application and let them influence your choice. The buying decision should be based on the environment where the combiner box will be used either residential or commercial.
  • Dustproof: As the combiner box safeguards the connections, it must also be protected from dust as it hinders its performance. The solar combiner box should be dustproof because if it isn’t, with time, it will begin to fail.
  • Ease of installation: How easy the combiner box is to set up and use is another factor that must be highly considered. The ease of installation extends to how safe the combiner box will be.
  • Affordability: There are many combiner boxes on the market, hence several options to select from. In this case, the one with the lowest price isn’t the best option. Rather than jot down the pointers, you need to compare all the options available, then choose the one that is good value for money.


The solar combiner box is a necessity for households and commercial establishments that have more than 3 strings of wire connection. It ensures the proper functioning of the solar panel components and protection from damage.

For the best solar combiner box and professional guide in making informed buying decisions, contact Beny – the best company in manufacturing solar combiner boxes and other solar components.

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