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The first question that comes to mind when planning to purchase an inverter for a house or a place of business is what makes a solar inverter different from a regular inverter. Many consumers are unsure of the use of their current inverter system after learning about solar inverters. There is no specific solution to this issue because both the benefits and everything from the services to the inverter batteries changes. Therefore, before choosing an investment, one should elaborate on and be particularly familiar with the distinctions.

What exactly is an inverter?

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The inverter that we use at home is put together using a variety of tools to replace the numerous devices that were employed in it with this one. The inverter’s primary job is to change the DC power that is delivered to our home into a AC supply. As a result of the conversion, batteries can now store AC current. Later, when our home’s electrical supply gets interrupted, this inverter once more transforms the AC current stored in the batteries into DC current, allowing the appliances to function.

So now we look into the question. Solar inverter vs normal inverter: what are their differences?

How do we differentiate between Solar Inverter and Normal Inverter?

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The main difference between solar inverter and normal inverter is in how they are used. Normal inverters mostly conduct three sorts of duties, however, solar inverters can carry out five different tasks.

The distinctions are seen in the methods used to transform energy and its initial sources of it. The three uses of a normal inverter are as follows: A) converter B) charger and C). An inverter.

A typical inverter converts AC current into DC current first. The charger, which is attached to the batteries, receives the converted DC current after that. The inverter’s function begins after the batteries have been charged. Inverter detects power outages wherever they occur. then converts the DC current into AC current and restores the functionality of our home appliances.

As of now, we know that a typical inverter has three functions, just as a solar inverter has five.

Converting, Charger, An inverter, Blocker, Charge Controller. All three inverter functionalities are present in every solar inverter. But it differs from a typical inverter in that it has two extra features. Solar inverters are more expensive than regular inverters because of these two features. So when we analyze solar inverter vs normal inverter price it is evident which is apparently more cost-effective.


An inverter must include this blocker function if customers intend to install solar panels in their homes. By the way, every solar inverter includes this component. The blocker’s main function is to prevent solar electricity from being generated at night. It assists in preventing the wasted stored current from flowing backward to a solar panel. Blockers are one-way devices that only allow electricity to flow from a solar panel to batteries while preventing the reverse.

Charge controller

The second feature that a typical inverter lacks is a charge controller. As far as we are aware, solar panels cannot supply us with current constantly. It only produces DC current when it is sunny. It implies that solar electricity is not fixed. For instance, it is strongest throughout the day, weakens during the evening, and disappears completely at night. Our batteries are harmed as a result. 

We are aware that a predetermined charging speed must be provided while charging batteries. in order to increase battery life and prevent pressure damage. Fixing the charging speed coming from a solar panel is the charge controller’s primary responsibility. This ultimately lengthens the battery life.

Source of Power

A typical inverter generates electricity from fuel, gasoline, or electricity as its main source. Solar energy is used by solar inverters as a source of power.


Usual inverters, which are found in workplaces and households, use regular power supplies to draw energy from the power grid and store it in batteries. When a company experiences a power outage or the current runs out, a UPS is instantly started and provides power until the regular supply is restored. While a solar inverter collects power and converts DC to AC, it does so from grids that are connected to photovoltaic solar modules rather than from the grids that the electricity agencies produce.


The main purpose of a typical inverter is to convert DC electricity to AC. Furthermore, it uses electricity to charge the battery. Similar to a standard inverter, a solar inverter also uses energy to charge the battery, but it also has an additional feature that allows it to operate in hybrid mode, charging the battery both with electricity and solar power.

How is a regular inverter transformed into a solar inverter?

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If one wishes to turn a conventional inverter into a solar inverter. It’s a fairly easy task. Just add one more piece of equipment to it. Simply purchase a blocker and a solar charger controller from the market, then add them to a standard inverter. There are two varieties of solar chargers on the market. 

PWM solar chargers are created using outdated technology. It consumes some electricity needlessly. Its efficiency is around 70%. which, in the contemporary world, is much less.

The MPPT Solar Charger does not squander electricity needlessly. Its effectiveness ranges from 90 to 96 percent. Compared to a PWM solar charger, this is far more profitable.


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After our study of solar vs normal inverters, we can all see the necessity of the hour is to get a solar power inverter or an inverter with some solar power capabilities. This is mainly because of the present energy crisis that is felt worldwide. Solar-powered equipment is not only environmentally friendly but can prove to be quite cost-effective over time. The governments of various nations are also giving solar power a lot of attention and encouragement.

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