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Are you seeking the world’s best electric vehicle charging station manufacturers? You’ve come to the right place!

Electric vehicle sales have increased dramatically around the world. This is due to a growing understanding of the advantages of using them. These automobiles are more fuel-efficient, healthier, and require less maintenance. To provide electrical power for charging these plug-in electric vehicles, charging stations are typically installed in buildings, public parking lots, shopping malls, and workplaces.

List Of The Best EV Charging Station Manufacturers In The USA

Tesla Inc

Tesla Logo
Source: Tesla

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Year Of Establishment:2003

Certificates: ISO 9001, CSN EN 14001

Tesla, Inc., is based in Palo Alto, California. This is an American electric vehicle, sustainable energy, and technology corporation. Tesla Inc mainly deals with the creation of battery energy storage, residential solar panels, electric vehicles, and solar roof tiles, as well as many other products and services.

Tesla manufacturers Wall Connectors quickly boost any property by allowing homeowners, tenants, and guests to charge their electric cars. Tesla releases free, over-the-air software updates to your Wall Connector to guarantee it has the most up-to-date features and consistent performance.

Key Products And Services

  • Vehicle charging
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Solar panels
  • Solar roofs
  • Power wall
  • Powerpack

Blink Charging

Blink Charging Logo
Source: Blink Charging

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Year Of Establishment: 2009

Certificates: CTEP certification

Blink Charging is a national leader in public electric vehicle (EV) charging technology and software, allowing EV owners to conveniently recharge their vehicles at places around the country. Blink Charging is based in Florida and has offices in Arizona and California. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption of public electric vehicle charging.

Blink Charging provides electric vehicle charging equipment as well as access to the Blink Network, cloud-based software that maintains, tracks, and operates Blink EV charging stations and all associated data. Multifamily residential and commercial properties, airports, colleges, governments, parking garages, shopping malls, retail parking, schools, and workplaces are among Blink Charging’s strategic property partners.

Key Products And Services

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Services
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Software

Charge Point

Chargepoint Logo
Source: ChargePoint

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Campbell, California

Year Of Establishment: 2007

Certificates: ISO certification

Since its year of establishment, Charge Point has been completely focusing on providing the finest electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for their clients and everyone else involved in the electric mobility transition. They’ve been working on the future fueling network for more than a decade. Every two seconds, someone connects to the ChargePoint network. 

ChargePoint, Inc. is a public charging network for electric vehicles. The company offers annual subscriptions to cloud-based service options that include tools, data, payment processing, and driver support. 

ChargePoint works with businesses, utilities, governments, retail malls, and parking service providers all over the world. 

Hardware and software solutions for electric vehicles are designed, developed, and manufactured by this firm. Its business model mainly entails selling property owners with its hardware and software, creating a searchable network of charging stations for cars, and maintaining individual stations.

Key Products And Services

  • EV station maintenance
  • professional installation of EV Charging Station

ClipperCreek Inc.

ClipperCreek Logo
Source: ClipperCreek

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Auburn, CA

Year Of Establishment: 2006

Certificates: UL certified

ClipperCreek, Inc. offers electric vehicle charging services to both EV owners and businesses wishing to meet the demands of their employees, tenants, or customers. We aspire to develop the plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market by providing PEV charging solutions that are convenient, dependable, long-lasting, and inexpensive. 

This company has been creating electric vehicle charging stations since the year 1994. That means they have manufactured several generations of independent safety laboratory products. ClipperCreek devices are known for being the easiest to install in the market, saving time and money. 

ClipperCreek strives to give the greatest quality products and exceptional customer service to all of its customers, ensuring that each interaction with the firm is a positive one. The organization operates with the highest level of ethics and provides a great working environment for its employees.

Key Products And Services

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • EVSE
  • Level 2 Chargers
  • Level 2 Charging Stations
  • EV Charger
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Electric vehicles


Leviton Logo
Source: Leviton

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Melville, New York, United States

Year Of Establishment: 1906

Certificates: ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 certification

Isidor Leviton created the company in 1906. He began by producing brass mantle tips for Manhattan’s natural gas lighting grid. Leviton presently employs over 6,500 people and operates in over 85 countries across six continents. Its products comprise over 25,000 gadgets and systems that are used in both the home and the workplace.

Leviton is a leading manufacturer of electrical wire equipment, data center connectivity solutions, and lighting energy management systems around the world. Leviton was created at the start of the twentieth century and has evolved to become the industry’s premier leader.

Key Products And Services

  • Electrical Products, 
  • Lighting Controls, 
  • Home Automation, 
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, 
  • Network Solutions
  • Industrial, and Wiring Devices


SemaConnect Logo
Source: SemaConnect

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Bowie, Maryland, United States

Year Of Establishment: 2008

Certificates: CTEP Certification

SemaConnect is a true pioneer in the field of electric vehicle charging. Thousands of successful charging station deployments at Class A properties for a variety of industries have helped them enhance property value and appeal since their foundation in 2008.

This company is one of North America’s leading and reliable providers of electric vehicle charging solutions for residential,  fleet applications, and even commercial applications. The company’s turn-key charging stations are attractively built, durable, and powerful, providing exceptional charging experiences to electric vehicle drivers over an open network platform.

Key Products And Services

  • Electric Charging Stations
  • Electric Charging Stations Management
  • Clean Technology
  • Network Electric Charging
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Best EV Charging Station In China

Benny Logo
Source: Beny

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Zhejiang Province, China

Year Of Establishment: 2011

Certificates: Certified by UL, SAA, CB, CE, TUV, ISO, and RoHS

It’s impossible to discuss manufacturers without mentioning China. BENY Electric provides a comprehensive line of solar PV protection solutions for a variety of PV systems. With their long warranty, technical support, and other value-added services that meet clients’ needs. 

They are the top brand in the annual production of hundreds of thousands of quality DC components for comprehensive and reliable solar circuit protection, with over 30 years of expertise. BENY Electric is a reliable solar panel and EV charger producer. 

All of their EV chargers exceed your expectations in terms of service life and performance thanks to our expertise in manufacturing PV components. The sturdy construction of the Benny EV charger allows you to meet a variety of business objectives while boosting your brand. 

Key Products And Services

  • EV Charger
  • Dc isolator switch
  • AC components
  • Combiner box
  • Dc Contactor


These EV charging station manufacturers were chosen based on their fundamentals and growth potential. These are the firms that engage in the electric vehicle area and create and promote home and commercial charging networks. As much as many businesses are attempting to profit from EV charging stations, consider working with the manufacturers mentioned above who appear to be ahead of the curve. For a free consultation, please contact us.

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