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A solar inverter is an essential part of a PV system. It enables back and forth switching between direct current(solar energy) and alternating current(electrical energy). This way, you are able to control your electricity consumption and save on those crazy bills. 

There are different types of solar inverters found in the market today, and choosing one can be an uphill task. The best solar inverter in the world can serve both purposes effectively. In this blog, we are going to outline the top 10 best solar inverters in the world.

Luminous Solar Hybrid 1100/12V

Luminous solar inverter
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This solar inverter is a product of a company known as Luminous Power Technologies that is based in India. It was first manufactured in 1988 and is designed for use in residential solar setups. This inverter can support electrical gadgets in the home when there are electricity cuts. It has an AC power of 700VA and 12V and operates at a voltage of almost 300V. It qualifies in the list of the best solar inverters in the world due to its durability and its eco-friendly feature. 

This solar inverter does not come with inbuilt batteries, so you are advised to go for tubular batteries to enable its function. The Luminous Solar Hybrid emits about 850 volts and amps for both direct current and alternating current, which is quite sufficient for home use. It is also price friendly and comes with a 2-year warranty. However, this product is only suited for appliances that consume very low power, and it also heats up quite fast when it is used continuously.

The Fronius Symo Advanced

Fronius Symo solar inverter
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This is a three-phase solar inverter that is mostly used for commercial and industrial purposes. It is a hybrid and very high voltage inverter that makes it perfect for its rigorous applications. This solar inverter has WiFi connectivity and a free monitoring platform that enables you to keep track of your consumption and the amount of energy available for use. This way, you are able to schedule your next charging before you run out of power. 

Fronius makes some of the best solar inverters in the world, with the Fronius Symo Advanced as one of its best sellers. The Fronius Symo Advanced is quite costly but it is totally worth your money when you narrow it down to the quality and efficiency of the device. This solar inverter will last you close to 20 years, so it is a good investment and surely gives you value for your money. 

Sunny Boy SMA Inverter

Sunny Boy inverter 2
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This solar inverter is a product of SMA Solar Energy. It is built for use in residential applications and comes with a ShadeFix optimization. This inverter is considered one of the best solar inverters in the world due to its high power generation and rapid shutdown feature, which enables you to swiftly turn off the inverter in case of emergencies. The Sunny Boy inverter has for a long time been considered the most reliable solar inverter in the market. 

However, this device is quite heavy as compared to other inverters, which makes it a bit difficult to handle and install. It was one of the first string inverters ever produced. The Sunny Boy inverter lasts close to twelve years, and you will only need to replace it once during your PV system’s lifetime. It comes with a 10-year warranty period.

SW Hybrid Inverter

A hybrid inverter
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The SW Hybrid solar inverter is a product of Schneider Electric company which is based in France. This solar inverter works off-grid and is suitable for use in homes and for small businesses. The SW Hybrid inverter can function all on its own without the need to connect to a transformer. However, for extra-large off-grid applications, you might need to connect it to a generator to support extreme capacity levels. 

The SW is one of the best solar inverters in the world due to these strong features. It is also a flexible and easy to install solar inverter. You can easily survive this inverter by using the Insight Energy Management system to monitor and troubleshoot and even upgrade the firmware.

Energy Hub Inverter

Energy Hub inverter
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This solar inverter offers an all-in-one solution to all your power needs. The Energy Hub inverter can be used for basically all home applications. You will be able to run your appliances, charge your electric vehicle, and have enough energy remaining in case of any power cuts. The Energy Hub inverter also has a monitoring system whereby you can be able to keep track of your energy consumption and know the state of your PV system.

This solar inverter is easy to install and does not require you to upgrade your panel even if you have connected several other inverters or even generators. It has a modular design that gives room for any future upgrades. The Energy Hub inverter is one of the best solar inverters in the world.

Enphase Micro-Inverter

Enphase energy
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Enphase is among the top market leaders when it comes to micro-inverters. Micro-inverters are becoming more popular as time goes and some users are preferring them as alternatives to string inverters. The Enphase micro-inverter comes with an improved monitoring system that enables separate monitoring for each panel. It also sends warnings whenever there is a problem with your PV system. 

This solar inverter is compatible with both 60-cell and 72-cell solar panels hence allowing you to have both in your system set up. It is very easy to install and has rapid shutdown capabilities. The Enphase micro-inverter can operate in adverse conditions, and to make things even better, you get a 25-year warranty with this product. What’s not to love?

SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter

SolarEdge inverter

With its power optimization feature, the SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter is among the best solar inverters in the world. Its power optimizers enable this solar inverter to measure and enhance power output per panel. This means that adjustments are made to the panel whenever necessary hence ensuring maximum efficiency of your system. 

The SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter is in adherence to the National Electric Codes; hence you do not have to worry about safety. Its rapid shutdown feature will ensure that this inverter goes off in case of any emergencies. It also has a monitoring system that enables you to observe the activities in your system and give you alerts in case of any issues. The only downside to this Solar inverter is its inability to function without power optimizers.

GIANDEL 2000W Power Inverter

A solar inverter 2
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If you are looking for a low-priced solar inverter that can still serve you efficiently, then the GIANDEL inverter is your solution. It is easy to install and comes with a battery charger together with a cable. You can use it in extremely cold weather using a backup generator. It has an inbuilt fan that automatically starts to function when the inverter is exposed to extreme heat. However, when compared to other inverters, this one comes with a minimal warranty period of just twelve months. It is also not as powerful, and its AC outlets are a bit loose. But considering its price, it is still a good deal and still performs the functions of a solar inverter.

H7 Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid inverter
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This solar inverter is a product of Darfon America. It is a 7.6-kW hybrid inverter that is mostly used outdoors. This enables the technician to access it whenever necessary. You can also control it using a wireless system from inside the house. The H7 Hybrid inverter is a single-phase solar inverter and is one of the best solar inverters in the world. It also has a monitoring system that allows the user to monitor the system’s functions.

Beny Electric Solar Inverter Components

With the above choices for solar inverters, your search for one should be simpler now. After finding the best solar inverter in the world, do not forget that you need solar inverter components to enable the efficiency of your solar inverter. Beny Electric is your go-to choice for solar inverter components. With over 30 years of experience producing solar DC components, you cannot go wrong with this company. They also offer consultation services and microinverters for PV system owners.


In a world where everybody is going green, do not be left behind. Solar power is the way to go, and everyone is switching to greener energy sources. A solar inverter helps you create a balance in your consumption which enables you to save money used on electricity. You are also able to prepare for the future due to their ability to store power. For more information on solar inverters and their components, check out our website.

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