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It is beneficial to remain connected to the solar panel grid and investing in a battery backup system for backup power. In case the power of your solar battery runs out, a battery backup will allow you to run electricity and also sell the extra electricity to your utility company using net metering.

In this post, we will discuss everything about a hybrid solar system and how it is beneficial to invest in an extra source of power.

What Is a Hybrid Solar System?

Once you are done installing solar panels, you need the solar energy to be converted to power for your place. A hybrid solar panel helps you stay connected to the grid’s power lines and have backup storage for your system, like a battery. 

When the weather is not in your grid’s favor and the sun is not shining bright, this battery will provide power to your entire house. A hybrid solar system gives you the ability to draw power even if you use up all the power in your solar battery.

It might be tempting to go completely off-grid if you want to be in charge of power generation in your house. However, it is convenient to stay connected to the grid by a hybrid solar system because in case you overuse the stored energy or there is inclement weather around you, the grid connection will provide power to your house until you can generate your own.

Advantages of Storing Energy in a Battery

Storing energy in solar panels
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  • Allows you to store excess energy and use it in the evening at the peak hour
  • Load-shifting becomes easy
  • Reduces power consumption from the grid
  • Enables advanced management of the energy
  • Backup power capability

Disadvantages of Storing Energy in a Battery

Terrace solar panels
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  • Higher cost because of the added expense of a battery
  • The return on investment may take time
  • The battery needs to be replaced after 7 to 10 years
  • Back up power does not necessarily increase the capacity of your system to run multiple appliances at the same time

How Does it work?

Working of hybrid solar panels
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An economical hybrid solar power system uses an all-in-one battery inverter. That battery includes a solar inverter as well as a battery inverter. The energy of the sun is absorbed by the solar panels by an inverter and it creates usable energy. From the solar rooftop, the electricity goes either to your house, to the battery, or to the grid. 

A hybrid solar PV system works by sending solar power to the inverter. The inverter sends energy to your house by converting it to electrical energy. The extra energy that your home does not use goes to the home battery for storage and can be used when the solar panels are not producing energy. Even after all that, if there is leftover energy, it is sent to the grid.

The benefit of using a hybrid solar system is that you have power in all circumstances. A backup battery allows you to store excess energy that your solar panels create but is not used by your house.

How much does it cost to install a hybrid solar power system at home?

Installing solar panels
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Hybrid solar energy solutions of 6kW cost around $12,654 including the federal tax credit. The cost varies from place to place and according to the tax laws of your home state, but the average cost comes near the base figure of $12,000. The factors that affect the cost of a hybrid solar setup are contractor costs, local area costs, and the amount of power drawn by your house.

The elevated price of hybrid solar systems is driven by the cost of the backup battery. The batteries cost up to $8000 or even more but they last for a good 10 years after which they need to be replaced. Your peace of mind regarding the electrical use of your house is definitely worth paying the price for.

Benefits Of Using A Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system is an excellent way to stay in control of the power supply of your house. You will have the capability to provide your own energy with solar panels and a backup battery. The added safety net to staying connected to the grid is a bonus.

Hybrid solar panel systems will help save you money by reducing the costs of electricity bills. This makes the high upfront costs of the system worth investing in. What makes the system unique is that the system keeps you covered even during inclement weather and night use. The system will make sure that you don’t run out of power ever.

The solar battery stores most of the excess power, if not all, instead of getting the money from your utility company. So, even if you don’t see the net metering credits on your bill, you are still getting value for money for your electricity. You might even end up saving more with a hybrid solar panel even if your utility does not offer full net metering.

Hybrid Solar System Setup Kit

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It might not be easy to set up a hybrid solar power system by yourself, but if you like to do the installation process yourself, then make sure that you have all the right tools and products for it. You might need to research the purchase parts yourself but companies like Beny make it easy for you to do the installation process yourself with the right product solutions.

The hybrid solar system setup kit should include:

Solar panels

Solar panels
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The number of solar panels that you require will depend on the power usage of your house and the efficiency of the solar panels. It is no longer necessary to pay huge expenses for installing and using electricity utility poles. Solar panels are less expensive and provide power to your household at economic rates.

The most important thing to consider while buying solar panels is that you should get value for money. The efficiency of the solar panels should be worth the price that you are paying for.

Racking and mounting

Mounting solar panels
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The photovoltaic mounting and racking systems are used to safely fix the solar panels to different surfaces such as roofs, terraces, etc. The racking and mounting options are wide and the ones that you choose should be based on your roof pitch. Just make sure that your solar panels get proper exposure to the rays of the sun.

Not everyone wants to mount their solar panels on the roof. Ground mounting and racking of solar panels are also possible and are ideal for underused land areas. Ground-mounted panels offer a greater range of inclination as compared to panels on the rooftop. You can also adjust the panel inclination to cover the maximum rays of the sun.

DC circuit breaker

Molded Case Circuit Breaker
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The DC circuit breaker will protect the photovoltaic power generation system working on DC currents. It is advisable to get DC circuit breakers from renowned DC circuit breaker suppliers so that you can enjoy efficient and cost-effective solutions. You can also mold the circuit breakers according to your needs.

The size of the circuit breakers that you need will depend on the number of solar panels that you have and how they have been connected.

DC Surge Protective Device

DC Surge Arrester
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The DC protective device will improve the performance of your PV system while safely protecting it. Getting a Quality DC protective device offers you maximum continuous operating voltage. This allows the line to have high-pressure sensitive resistors to control the effects of lightning on the hybrid solar panel system. 

These devices are applied to the solar panels to provide a path of discharge to save the components of the system from being exposed to transients of high voltage that are caused by the effects of lighting anomalies. The surge protector works by directing the excess voltage into the grounding wire and preventing it from flowing through the system.

Solar Grid-tied Inverter

Solar grid inverter
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It will help convert the DC currents to AC currents so that both can be used for the house and the grid. These pieces will help invert the energy of solar panels to produce usable AC power. The inverted power can be used to provide electrical energy to your household and the extra power can be fed back to the grid.

An on-grid inverted will work only if there is a constant source of electricity from the power grid, so you need to make sure that there is a constant electricity supply. 

AC Isolator Switch

An AC isolator switch allows you to isolate the circuit from the power source. It helps isolate the AC supply while installing the system or any such maintenance repairs. They are mostly used in PV applications when the distribution board is more than 3m away.

Electrical wiring

Electrical wiring
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Electrical wiring will help transfer the power from the solar panels to the inverter and then to your house, battery storage, or net meter. The wiring needs to be perfect to prevent any electrical hazards in the future. Do not forget to follow the safety tips while handling the electrical wiring to prevent any electrical hazards.

Solar Battery Bank

Battery bank
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The solar battery bank stores extra electricity for use in emergencies. This is very useful in times of blackout or power shortages. The batteries are a bit expensive but they offer a great return on investment in the long run. They will prove to be an excellent source of power during blackouts and power shortages.

The battery storage needs to be big enough to supply power throughout the year because it is frustrating to suffer a power outage just because your battery bank can’t store enough energy. However, too much battery capacity won’t let your system completely recharge and ruin the batteries. So, it is important to get the right battery bank for your solar panel system.

Safety Tips

Safety tips for installation
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Safety is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind while installing a piece of electrical equipment. There are certain safety guidelines that you need to abide by to stay safe during the installation process and after that. Here are some of the safety tips to keep in mind while installing a hybrid solar power system or any other PV applications for that matter:

  • Do not work in harsh weather conditions to avoid getting electrocuted from the system parts
  • Have at least two people around you while lifting and carrying the solar panel parts because they tend to be heavy 
  • Cover the solar panels with an opaque sheet to avoid heat buildup
  • Have rapid shutdown systems for the people installing the system to prevent electrocution
  • Install an arc-fault interrupter to protect against arc faults leading to sparks and fire
  • Use multiple string inverters to reduce the potential risk of arc flash
  • Do not install the PV system near flammable gases


The ability to store energy and use it in times of blackout or other such emergencies makes it worth investing in a hybrid solar system. Do not forget to protect your hybrid solar system with the best PV protection products.

A hybrid solar system is economical for houses because commercial buildings mostly work during bright daylight and do not experience power shortages at night. But the 24×7 working companies might find good use of the hybrid solar system.

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