Fire Protection for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Solar PV systems offer a number of benefits, ranging from financial savings to environmental advantages and energy independence. The cumulative installed capacity of solar PV would rise rapidly, the fire safety of solar PV systems is increasingly being valued by people.

There are two common situations that can cause danger:

1 . Unable to cut off near to the panel

Front end of the inverter disconnected and still charged when fire occurs.

solar fire 1

2 . There is no switchgear that can control the system when the inverter fails

No switchgear to control the system when the inverter fails to repair

solar fire 3

There are two ways to improve the safety of PV systems:

1 . Install high-quality isolator switches

DC isolator switch shutdown rapidly the panel when fire occurs

solar fire 2

DC isolator switches for control systems when inverters are faulty for maintenance

solar fire 4

2 . Recommended rapid shutdown solution with fire emergency button switch for easy disconnection at ground level

fire safety 5

3 ways of shutdown :

  • Over-temperature protection
  • AC power loss automatic shutdown
  • Manual shutdown by the button switch

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