Beny at Genera Exhibition: “PV + Energy Storage + EV Charging” Solutions Pave the Way for a Green Future

From February 6 to 8, the Genera Exhibition in Madrid, Spain, garnered significant attention, focusing particularly on key areas such as renewable energy and environmental protection. At this grand event, Beny showcased its latest “PV + Energy Storage + EV Charging” solutions at booth 10F22, attracting widespread interest.

As a leader in the new energy industry, Beny has strategically positioned itself with a comprehensive layout of “PV + Energy Storage + EV Charging” solutions, offering users an all-in-one “generation-storage-consumption” solution to meet the growing demand for clean energy. The application of Beny’s microinverter technology enhances the efficiency of solar power generation, while the energy storage system effectively addresses the challenges of energy storage. The EV chargers serve as a crucial link between green energy and electric vehicles.

To meet the rapidly growing demand for EV charging in Spain, Beny specially develops products tailored to market needs, covering both residential and commercial sectors. The innovative design of the Three-phase Portable EV Charger, with its dual functionality of wall mounting and portability, not only saves space but also caters to both home and travel charging needs. Guided by the principle of “user experience first,” Beny is dedicated to providing users with more diverse and life-oriented charging solutions.

In the commercial sector, Beny’s latest Floor-mounted AC EV Charger, with its efficient and fast charging experience and intelligent features, has garnered attention. Equipped with features such as temperature monitoring, and WPS Wi-Fi connectivity, its dual-socket design improves space utilization and OCPP 1.6J compatibility enables remote management anytime, anywhere. The DLB function effectively addresses the challenges of charging station management, making Beny’s charging solution an ideal choice to meet the growing demand.

The Deputy General Manager of Beny, Tim Wu, stated, “At the exhibition, we proudly introduced the latest generation of intelligent EV chargers while showcasing photovoltaic power generation and energy storage solutions, demonstrating our strong capabilities and determination in the field of new energy. We will continue to provide users with smarter and more efficient solutions, jointly contributing to the future of green energy.”

Looking ahead, Beny will further deepen its integrated “PV + Energy Storage + EV Charging” solutions, continuously explore new technologies and applications, and provide users with more convenient and intelligent energy experiences, contributing to the popularization and development of clean energy. Let us join hands to build a globally green tomorrow and share a beautiful future.


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