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Electric vehicle owners often worry about where they will find the next charging point for their vehicles during long trips. Most people are used to filling their tanks at the numerous gas filling stations that are stationed almost everywhere. As an electric vehicle owner, you have to plan ahead and invest in your own EV charger. However, this will not be the case in a few years to come as more public electric vehicle charging stations are being put up. For now, let us have a look at some of the best EV chargers that you can acquire for home use.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an EV Charger for Your Vehicle

An EV charger
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Just like gas, not all vehicles use the same kind of fuel. Some use regular gas, while some use unleaded. This is particularly an important point to note for electric vehicle owners. Some vehicles are compatible with some EV chargers, while some are not. When in the market for the best budget ev charger, it is wise to consult an electric vehicles expert or simply the dealership that sold you the car. This way, you will have adequate knowledge about your vehicle and the kind of EV charger that works for it. Here are a few pointers on what to consider when buying an EV charger for your vehicle.

  • Single-Phase or Three-Phase Chargers

The majority of domestic EV chargers exist in two forms, single-phase and three-phase. A single-phase charger will take three times longer to charge the vehicle when compared to the three-phase charger. A single-phase charger will charge for up to twelve hrs. However, you can switch from single-phase charging to three-phase charging using charging cables if you do not want to wait for such a long time before your EV is fully charged. 

  • Type 1 or Type 2 Chargers

This majorly depends on the origin of your electric vehicle. For instance, type 1 EV chargers are mostly compatible with Asian and American vehicles, while type 2 chargers are suitable for European vehicles. In comparison to type 2 chargers, type 1 chargers are generally slow and take longer times to charge. If you are only charging one vehicle, then you can benefit from a type 1 charger but if you plan on charging two or more vehicles simultaneously, then consider using a type 2 best budget ev charger.

  • Tethered or Untethered Chargers

The choice between a tethered and untethered charger depends on a few things. First, untethered charges are quite docile and can be used to charge both type 1 and type 2 electric vehicles. They are also the go-to choice if you plan on traveling far or you might share your power with other evs. This is simply due to the fact that you can bring the charging cable with you anywhere you go. However, if you are only using your EV charger for one vehicle and you are not travelling far, then you can opt for a tethered charger.

With these few points, let us dive into the various best budget ev chargers for home use from top EV charger manufacturers.

Beny EV Charger

The Beny EV charger starts off this list with the eco-friendly feature that makes it not only the best option for your electric vehicle but also for the environment. This charger is also one of the best budget EV chargers you will ever find in the market considering its amazing features that you get to enjoy for a reasonable price. These amazing features include;

  • An emergency stop switch that allows you to swiftly shut down the charger in case of any emergencies.
  • It is compatible with almost all vehicles manufactured in European countries. You can also charge two or more vehicles at the same time using the Beny EV charger.
  • The Beny EV charger has an led ring that shows the charging percentage of the vehicle.
  • This EV charger comes with a wall mounting that allows you to set the cables on the wall to prevent them from cluttering on the ground.
  • An over-temperature sensor that shuts down the charger when it reaches excessive temperatures during charging.

The Beny EV charger is available in different variants, which include;

  • The 22kW Smart EV Charger with DLB function and 3 phase charging capability
  • 7.4kW EV Charger Type 2
  • 7.4kW EV Charger with single-phase charging capability

JuiceBox Smart EV Charger

The JuiceBox EV Charger
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The JuiceBox EV charge is the best budget ev charger that comes in three different forms, which include the 32 amp, 40 amp, and 48 amp versions. These different versions have different features and ranging charging capabilities. For instance, the 48 amp ev charger is only available in a hardwired design, while the 32 and 40 amp versions can be both plugged in and hardwired. 

The JuiceBox charger is a level 2 EV charger that can charge almost every electric vehicle available in the market today. They are also WiFi-enabled and come with the JuiceNet mobile app that can even remind you to charge your vehicle. The JuiceBox EV charger series also has an LED string that shows the charging status of a vehicle when it’s plugged in. These EV chargers are weatherproof and come with a three-year warranty period.

FLO Home EV Charger

A mounted EV Charger
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This best budget EV charger is available in a tethered version known as the FLO Home X5 and the untethered version known as the FLO Home G5. The FLO Home EV Charger is a level 2 EV charger that charges up to five times faster. It is built with an aluminum casing and has a slim and modish look. This EV charger can operate in very high temperatures without shutting down. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions and comes with a five-year warranty period. The FLO’s user portal allows you to track your power consumption so you can be able to schedule your next charging.

Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger

Grizzle EV Charger 2
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The Grizzl- E Ev Charger is an amazing best budget EV charger option that is most suitable for those who are new to home EV chargers. This Ev charger has an exceptional feature whereby you can adjust the amperage of the unit. This charger is both water and fire-resistant and comes with a three-year warranty as part of the package. 

The Grizzl- E Level 2 EV Charger has several safety characteristics which include temperature protection, round faults, over-voltage, and under-voltage. The outer surface of the charger is made up of a rigid and heavy-duty metal cover. This EV charger can be dismounted from the wall for when you need to travel with it. The Grizzl- E EV charger is the go-to option for you if you are just looking for a basic EV charger with all the fancy mobile apps and wifi systems. Its simplicity is its biggest strength.

The above chargers are all AC chargers. You might be wondering why we haven’t recommended the faster DC chargers. To find out why, read our blog DC Fast Charger at Home: Is It a Practical Option for EV Owners?.


As we have seen, EV chargers exist in so many forms and this list contains just but a few of them. Choosing an EV charger can be an uphill task, especially for someone who is new to the technology. However, once you get accustomed to them, you will not regret switching to electric cars. You can also equip yourself with electric car charging tips so that you do not damage your car and charger. Visit our website for more information about EV chargers and their features.

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