Beny High-Precision EV Charging Technology Complies with Eichrecht Rules

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Beny is a leading manufacturer dedicated to delivering intelligent, efficient, and reliable EV charging solutions. As an industry pioneer, the company continually innovates. Its latest metering technology adheres to German Eichrecht regulation, providing high-precision measurement capabilities, transparent data processing, and robust data security measures to safeguard consumer rights.

DC EV Charger

The German calibration law, widely referred to as “Eichrecht,” governs the standards for measuring devices such as EV charging stations. It ensures consumers are charged fairly for their energy usage by setting regulations for metering and data processing. The law’s primary requirements are metering accuracy, data transparency, and data security. Charging stations must accurately measure energy to prevent discrepancies, provide clear and comprehensible data, and maintain data security to protect against tampering and unauthorized access.

To better serve the market and improve user experience, Beny will initially implement calibration rules in its 2 Guns DC EV Chargers and 2 Guns Advertising DC EV Chargers. Utilizing high-precision meters to monitor current, voltage, power, and other data during charging, Beny ensures accurate measurements and compliance with PTB testing requirements. The company guarantees transparency and traceability of charging data, enabling users to access and verify detailed charging records via various methods, including the charger interface, app, or invoice. Additionally, Beny has prioritized data security and privacy protection by incorporating advanced encryption technologies and robust data protection measures to safeguard user information.

2 Guns DC EV Charger
2 Guns DC EV Charger
2 Guns Advertising DC EV Charger
2 Guns Advertising DC EV Charger

Besides adhering to calibration rules, Beny DC EV chargers boast several benefits. They deliver high-speed charging power between 20kW and 600kW and come with highly compatible charging guns that suit various EV models. The modular design simplifies maintenance and reduces associated costs. Users can monitor the chargers’ status anytime and anywhere, thanks to real-time and remote operation data viewing and storage capabilities. Additionally, Beny’s Battery-integrated EV Chargers provide grid balancing, backup power, and capacity expansion features, enhancing system stability and reducing initial investment costs.

With ongoing technological advancements, Beny intends to progressively implement its cutting-edge technology in Split-type DC EV chargers, 2 Guns DC EV Chargers with Liquid Cooling, Battery-Integrated EV Chargers, and AC EV Chargers. These initiatives aim to introduce more innovation and convenience for users and the entire industry. By doing so, Beny not only improves the charging experience for users but also supports the healthy growth of the entire EV charging sector.

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