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Beny is a global leader in the production of hundreds of thousands of high-quality DC components for full and dependable solar circuit protection. Our facility, which is certified by UL, SAA, CB, CE, TUV, ISO, and RoHS, has the first listed copyrighted DC switch and creates innovative solutions such as the AFCI product for rooftop fire prevention.


Our DC components are built to survive extreme circumstances and run for extended periods, making them ideal for use in PV systems.

BENY Electric provides a comprehensive line of solar PV protection solutions for a variety of PV systems. We meet your demands by providing a lengthy warranty, tech assistance, and other significant services.

What is a residential Rooftop solar system?

A rooftop solar power system, often known as a rooftop PV system, is a solar (PV) system in which the energy solar panels are positioned on the rooftop of a residential or business building or structure. Photovoltaic systems, system identification, cables, solar converters, and other electric devices are among the different components of this system.


Rooftop fixed systems are smaller in comparison to utility-scale solar ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants with megawatt capacity, making them a kind of distributed energy resource. In industrialized nations, the majority of rooftop PV stations are grid-connected solar power systems.


Rooftop PV systems on apartment complexes generally have capacities ranging from 5 to 20 kW.

On-Grid Home Solar System

By far the most prevalent and commonly utilized solar systems in homes and businesses are on-grid or grid-tie systems. They don’t need batteries and they source power from solar converters or micro-converters that are linked to the universal power grid. Any surplus solar power generated is exported to the grid, and you are normally compensated with a feed-in tariff (FiT) or credits for the energy you export.


Contrary to hybrid systems, on-grid solar-powered systems are unable to create power during a shutdown due to safety concerns. Because blackouts often occur when the power grid is disrupted, the solar inverter will jeopardize the safety of those addressing the network fault/s.

Off-Grid Home Solar System

Off-grid systems can be powered by either AC or DC-connected power sources. Common AC-coupled generating sources include solar converters, windmills, and backup power, whereas DC-coupled sources comprise MPPT solar charge regulators and micro-hydro plants.


The dimension of the solar system usually determines if the system will be AC or DC connected. Bigger off-grid systems can be AC or DC linked, according to the kind of inverter-charger utilized and compatibility with various solar inverters (AC) or solar charge controllers (DC). 


Most current multi-mode inverters maybe both AC and DC connections, resulting in a very secure, adaptable power system with numerous charging choices and the ability to perform a black-start operation if the primary inverter malfunctions, the backup generator stops working, or the batteries are exhausted.

PV Inverter Parts from Beny

Combiner Box

PV inverters and PV arrays are linked by DC combiner boxes, which combine the output of a large number of strings to increase PV performance. We make it simple to integrate extra features, such as switches and a second MPPT, by designing our combiner box.


To avoid overvoltage, our 600V combiner boxes are outfitted with real solar DC termination switches and type 2 surge shutoff valves. We pre-assemble dependable DC components within a durable PC container to save working time and error susceptibility, consequently greatly increasing your end-users system operations.


For many years, we have created our combiner boxes using long-lasting materials that can be utilized to efficiently satisfy requests of any size. Along with advice, prototyping, including after support, our quality control staff ensures that each combiner box is correctly manufactured and sent securely.

combiner box 4 4

DC Isolator Switch

Our bulk switches are developed for solar inverter DC side disconnection and are utilized by leading companies such as SMA, ABB, and SolarEdge due to their continuous excellent performance. When combined with other elements, our switches may provide comprehensive protection against overvoltage and overloading. We ensure dependability and longer electrical life with a unique arc extinguishing instruction.


Choose from our selection of isolation switches that can withstand up to 1500V and correctly disconnect electricity when toggled. We promise enhanced solar DC safety with a unique arc-extinguishing chamber. Our isolator switches can survive harsh circumstances since they have a watertight plug and are constructed of UV-resistant material. To boost safety, lockable handles have been fitted.


Our sophisticated manufacturing skills provide the stability provided by our isolator switches. We can deliver orders of any size and volume on time since we use many manufacturing lines.

Rapid Shutdown

For solar rooftop and building fire prevention, our thread-level, and module system quick shutdown devices regulate the output voltage of the panels down to a reasonable level in a microsecond. Improve the safety of your solar power system by preventing mishaps.


The quick shutdown solutions are built following CE, UL, and NEC2020 standards. We design PLC communication RSDs for greater compatibility with multiple string inverters as a proud member of the Sunspec alliance.


Panels linked to BENY Electric Dimensions of service quality will be lowered to 0V in microseconds, and the AC-powered safety switch or the RSD transceiver fulfills the RSD solution that satisfies the NEC quick cutoff solution.

RSD technologies offer solar building fire safety over the whole system’s operating life while consuming the least amount of electricity.

Module Level Rapid Shutdown快速切断

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BENY Electric creates cost-effective and customized solar energy generation solutions for your business. Our rapid manufacturing approach guarantees that you have the things you need as soon as possible.

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Beny is one of the first developers to make extensive use of cutting-edge panel technology in its current products.

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Beny is unique in that we can meet the demands of our clients by offering both engineering and on-site services through a single team of professionals.

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