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AFCI Combiner Box 11 In 11 Out BHTZ-11/11

Highlights :

  • 1000VDC
  • All DC components are UL listed
  • 11 strings input 11 strings output
  • DC contactors up to 300A
  • Finger safe touch fuse holder for negative and positive poles
  • rohs
  • TUV 100X100 icon
  • UL-Certifed icon
  • AFCI10

AFCI Combiner Box

The Arc Fault Circuit Interruption Combiner Boxes monitor each string currents, voltages and the temperature in enclosure, the integrated automatic contactors triggered when there is arc fault detected, provides solar PV system safety.


DC contactors can be remote controlled for easier system maintain, the working life is up to 10000 cycles.


Model BHTZ-11/11
Certificate TUV
Standard IEC62109 / IEC61439 (EN62109 / EN61439)
Max Rated Voltage 1000VDC
Number of input strings 11
Number of output strings 11
Max Input Current Per Each String




Connection Type of Input




Input Cable Size




Max Output Current




DC Surge Arrester


T2/, In=20KA, Imax=40KA, Ucpv=1000VDC


Voltage of Monitoring Device


Need External Power Source AC230V or DC24V


Voltage of Contactor


24VDC (Built-in Power Supply)


Protection Degree


NEMA13 (IP65)


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