“Work Hard Together, Dreaming & Forwarding” BENY Electric Team Building Activity 2022.6

On June 26, 2022, BENY Electric held a variety of team building activities at the beautiful Wenzhou Yongjia Nanxijiang Aviation Base. In order to allow everyone to increase their understanding of each other, the company has made careful arrangements in advance for more than 150 people participating in the event. The purpose of adjusting the grouping order of personnel in each department is to let new and old colleagues fully understand each other and enhance friendship.

At 7:50 in the morning, after all the staff were ready to go, they took 3 tourist buses in turn to the destination of the event – Wenzhou Yongjia Nanxijiang Aviation Base.

Team building activities officially kicked off


1. Warm up games

With the command of the instructor Hu head Everyone started to warm up and interact with the beat. Together today, we are a team working together. Here, there are no superiors and subordinates, no employees, managers, directors, there are only teammates we rely on each other. Today’s theme is happiness and unity. Throughout the game, everyone actively participated, and the relaxed atmosphere made them familiar with each other quickly.

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2.Take the team name, shout the slogan

Each team campaigned for the leader, decided the team name and slogan, and the team members practiced actively. Then the team leader led everyone to the stage for a battle. The team name, slogan, and team song were displayed in turn. Here, a song from the green team made a classic reappearance, and the melody was full of vitality and shocking. Over there, the blue team sings boldly and powerfully, with high fighting spirit! Let the cheers of the entire event site be one after another.

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3.Snake game

Hands on shoulders, everyone running in line with smiles on their faces. Snake game challenges the team’s ability to coordinate, keep pace, and regulate cooperation. In this snake game, the results are no longer important, the important thing is the unity and fighting spirit of each team member. Our team has demonstrated strong team cohesion and cooperation spirit.

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4. Play super volleyball

The rules of the game are the same as those of volleyball. If the ball goes out of bounds, touches the net or lands on its own court, the other team will get points. In the end, the BENY Red Team won the BENY Green Team 10-7.

image 4

5.Laser Strike

After lunch, the Laser Strike started. As soon as the instructor finished explaining,Everyone rushed into the arena, jointly completing the task of “annihilating the enemy”. Members of the team must clarify their responsibilities, have a clear division of labor, share resources, and give their backs to “comrades in arms”! The Laser Strike stimulated the participants’ sense of responsibility, self-confidence, independent leadership, teamwork, and immediate adaptability in the face of difficulties and challenges.

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Experience a racing journey where speed and passion coexist. Through the extreme speed challenge, you can experience the most primitive speed and passion, and completely release the pressure at work. Feel the powerful centrifugal force at close range. In the competition, we have gained a free, open and happy multi-experience.

image 6

7.Summarize and Share

Team building activity is not only a simple training, but also a kind of culture, a spirit and a concept! In the one-day team building activity, we experienced the joy of outdoor development and the power of teamwork. BENY spirit of “running endlessly and moving forward” will be deeply imprinted in everyone’s heart!

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8. General Manager made a summary speech at the end

Mr. Wang said that BENY Electric has grown from a team of 7 people in the early days of its business to a high-tech enterprise with 400 people today. Along the way, it has also experienced many setbacks and failures, but BENY has always adhered to the original intention and chose to move towards the established goals.  the company has won the top 50 manufacturing in Yueqing in 2020. The future development of BENY will get better and better. The future development depends on your efforts. BENY will be even more exciting because of you! I hope that after this team building activity, everyone can quickly adjust their mentality and state, drive away some negative energy concepts that existed in the depths of their hearts, and fully realize that “colleagues are not a stumbling block to your success, but your success. stepping stone on the road”.

image 8

9.Time to eat and drink!

“Lingshang Renjia” is surrounded by mountains and the air is fresh. Known as “natural oxygen bar”. It’s like a laid back paradise. Dine in such an environment makes people feel more comfortable! Everyone gathered together happily, eating roast lamb, drinking wine, and admiring the mountain scenery in their eyes. It can be said that they are very happy! It makes people linger, and conveys the harmony of the team in the singing and laughter.

image 9

Happy times are always fleeting. This team building activity has had an indescribable effect on the cultural construction, spiritual construction or welfare construction of the team. In the future development of the company, I believe that the partners of BENY Electric will maintain the best state, devote themselves to the work with more enthusiasm. “Work Hard Together, Dreaming & Forwarding!”

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