Warm congratulations on the establishment of BENY Electric Photovoltaic Combiner Box Division

BENY Electric Photovoltaic Combiner Box Division was formally established on May 10, 2013.

Since its establishment, Benyi Electric has been committed to becoming a photovoltaic system power distribution solution provider, mainly producing photovoltaic DC disconnect switches, photovoltaic circuit breakers, photovoltaic fuses, photovoltaic surge protectors and other products. Based on providing customers with more comprehensive, more systematic and more user-friendly products, Wenzhou Benyi Electric will provide customers with 1-24 circuit photovoltaic combiner boxes. At present, the integrated assembly line of photovoltaic combiner boxes has been basically completed, and the testing equipment for combiner boxes has also been installed and will be commissioned and used in the near future. Benyi will be the first manufacturer in China to have testing equipment for photovoltaic combiner boxes.

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