The leadership team of Yueqing Municipal Party Committee visited our company for inspection and guidance

On April 17th, the deputy secretary of the Yueqing Municipal Party Committee and the mayor Fang Hui and other city leaders visited our company for inspection and guidance, and expressed high praise and approval for our company’s development concept of innovation and change, based on innovation and breakthroughs in the field of new energy and electrical.

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Accompanied and introduced by the company’s chairman Wang Renyuan, Mayor Fang and his party visited the company’s production sites and learned about the company’s industrial structure and management model. Mayor Fang fully affirmed the company’s comprehensive introduction of information-based data management and investment in a large number of advanced operation lines and equipment. Mayor Fang pointed out that “scientific and efficient management and advanced hardware equipment are effective guarantees for enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.”

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At the symposium, Mayor Fang fully affirmed the company’s development strategy of innovation and research and development of electrical products based on photovoltaic power generation and other new energy fields. Mayor Fang emphasized that the development of new energy is an important part of my country’s future energy structure. The company should continue to deepen the field of new energy industry and contribute to enriching the resources of Yueqing’s electrical industry. In the end, Mayor Fang concluded: “I hope Zhejiang Benyi New Energy Company can give full play to Yueqing’s unique electrical industry structure advantages, deeply cultivate the field of new energy, continue to innovate and develop, and let everyone know that Yueqing is not only doing well in traditional electrical appliances, but also in new energy. In the electrical field, there are also well-known enterprises in the industry like Zhejiang BENY!”

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