The Best Solution of Charging Socket for Europe, Especially for France

(Type 2 Charging Socket with shutter)

At first, what is Type 2 and Type 3 Charging Socket?

And what is the difference between Type 2 and Type 3 Charging Socket?

socket type2 type3

The European market can only use types 2 and 3. They are completely different in their design.

Type 2 has a single plug geometry for all charging capacities from single to three-phase.

Type 3 is available in three different geometries, depending on charging capacity and the number of phases.

Type 2 has no additional protection mechanism, while type 3 has a shutter system.

And Type 3 is preferred by France because of the additional touch protection by a shutter.

So what is Type 2 charging socket with shutter?

type 2 socket with shutter

Charging socket type 2 with shutter is based on the proven charging socket type 2 with an additional shutter module, with additional protection against contact of electrical parts.

Bcs in some European countries the national standards for household plugs and sockets require IP XXD shutter, which means they need to use Type 3.

Especially in France, IP XXD is required for charging sockets in the private area for CP <= 22 kw.

But this requirement is often transferred to charging systems, even if the charging systems are placed in public areas. This differentiation increases the complexity to offer one charging system for Europe. And it would be unacceptable for the consumer if charging electric vehicles required different charging cables or adapters.

So Type 2 charging socket with shutter is developed through an add-on, which offers extended contact protection according to IP XXD. If some countries are without these requirements, the shutter is simply left away.

This solution makes it possible to use the same charging cable for all charging powers, from 3.7 kW to 22 kW, with or without shutter and therefore fulfill the requirements of the European market participants.

socket type2 with shutter

The difference between Socket Type 2 with & without shutter

Charging sockets type 2 with or without shutter are compatible without limitations and can be used with the same charging cable.

Socket Type 2 without shutter, is with hinged lids splash water and dust protection IP 54 is achieved.


Then what are the benefits of Type 2 socket with shutter?

1. Protection against contact

1 Protection against contact

Socket type 2 with shutter complies with protection class IP XXD when installed. It offers additional diameter greater than 1 mm. The socket is suitable for outdoor use.

2. One-hand operation

2 One hand operation

The type 2 charging socket with shutter can be operated with just one hand. The ring in the socket is turned around 60 degrees to the left using the plug.

This causes the shutter to open and the plug can be plugged in completely. When charging is completed, the plug can simply be pulled out. The shutter closes automatically at once when the plug is pulled and the contacts are touch-protected again

3. Fully compatible

Compatible with all type 2 charging plugs according to IEC 62196-2.

Socket type 2 can be used with any mode 3 charging cable with charging plug type 2 on the infrastructure side. All versions have the same plug and connector geometry.

4. Four-point attachment

4 Four point attachment

The socket has a concealed four-point fixing mechanism. It ensures a secure hold in the enclosure of the charging station and is protected against manipulation from the outside

5. Water drain

The socket is splash water protected (IP 44). Any condensation can be discharged by integrated water drains and optional hoses both from the socket and from the shutter enclosure.

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