Successful Conclusion of Beny R&D Institute’s Team-Building Program at Hengdian World Studios

Recently, the three-day team-building program of Beny Research & Development Institute was held successfully at the renowned “Chinese Hollywood” – Hengdian World Studios. This event brought together all of Beny’s R&D and technology management team members, with the company’s General Manager, Wang Jundan, attending the program’s banquet.

In an effort to enhance the team’s overall competence and collaboration skills, Beny invited Mr. Zhao Zhi Kui, an internationally recognized expert in high-level sand table application management, to conduct a 1.5-day training using sand table simulations. With equal starting funds, each team was tasked with purchasing necessary supplies and venturing deep into the desert for gold mining. After the training, they all learned that it was crucial to focus on individual team accomplishments and emphasize information sharing, collaboration, and trust among teams as well. Moreover, it encouraged them to make bold assumptions while maintaining a cautious approach.

Besides, the R&D team also visited the modernized Hengdian National Defense Technology Education Park, allowing them to experience firsthand the charm of defense technology innovation. They took part in a Frisbee activity that strengthened teamwork and enhanced their psychological resilience when faced with challenges and pressures. In addition, the R&D team engaged in a treasure hunt game at the Qin Dynasty Palace using augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. To reward the team, an evening event featured the “Tang Dynasty Governor’s Banquet,” along with a prize draw with various exquisite rewards, leaving everyone in high spirits.

This team-building program not only enabled the R&D team to gain a deep appreciation for Beny’s human-centric corporate culture but also reinforced the spirit of teamwork. The team will approach their work with increased confidence, enthusiasm, and a proactive attitude and Beny will also be committed to achieving greater success in power transmission and distribution solutions and new energy applications.

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