Revolutionizing the Industry: BenyNew Energy’s Groundbreaking BYSS-63M Intelligent Rapid Shutdown Isolation Switch

May 24th witnessed a groundbreaking moment at the 16th SNEC International Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition in Shanghai as Beny New Energy proudly presented the product launch of the BYSS-63M Intelligent Rapid Shutdown Isolator Switch. This remarkable event marked a significant turning point for the industry. Notable attendees included Mr. Wang Jundan, the General Manager of Beny New Energy, Mr. Xia Bo, the Vice President of the Product and Service Division for Greater China at TÜV Rheinland, esteemed cooperative clients, and media representatives who all bore witness to the unveiling and the prestigious TÜV Rheinland MARK certificate award ceremony.


beny new energy at snec


During the event, Mr. Zhang Lujun, the Domestic Sales Director of Beny New Energy, provided detailed insights into the product’s distinctive features, patented advantages, and versatile application scenarios. The presentation showcased the BYSS-63M’s impeccable design and outstanding functionality. Among the attendees was Mr. Li Wenhao, the Senior Project Manager of 320KW Inverters at Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., who extended his warm congratulations.


beny new energy at snec 2023


Elevating the significance of the occasion, the BYSS-63M Intelligent Rapid Shutdown Isolator Switch received the highly coveted TÜV EN IEC 60947-3:2021 certification from TÜV Rheinland, a leading international independent third-party testing, inspection, and certification organization. This prestigious certification solidifies the BYSS-63M’s global recognition as it has successfully passed rigorous tests and evaluations, aligning with the stringent technical standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The certification attests to the BYSS-63M’s exceptional quality, compliance, electrical safety performance, and cements its position as a frontrunner in electrical safety and photovoltaic systems. Mr. Xia Bo, the Vice President of the Product and Service Division for Greater China at TÜV Rheinland, remarked, “It is my utmost honor to personally present this certification to the BYSS-63M Intelligent Rapid Shutdown Isolator Switch. This certification underscores the product’s ability to withstand stringent testing, displaying exceptional performance in all aspects while adhering to the highest international standards. We highly commend the quality and performance of this outstanding product.”


The BYSS-63M Intelligent Rapid Shutdown Isolator Switch represents a product of unparalleled excellence. Boasting remarkable parameter specifications, a wide range of startup power, and millisecond-level response speed, it stands as a testament to Beny New Energy’s innovative prowess and independent intellectual property rights. Engineered to deliver unwavering reliability even in extreme environmental temperatures, this compact device ensures convenient installation and holds authoritative certifications. With its millisecond-level response speed and maximum disconnection time of less than 25 milliseconds, the BYSS-63M provides swift and reliable circuit protection during power outages. Whether utilized in residential, commercial, or ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, the BYSS-63M operates seamlessly within an extensive temperature range of -35°C to 80°C while accommodating a load capacity of up to 1500V 45A. Its exceptional load-bearing capabilities and stable disconnection status position it as the ideal choice for both photovoltaic systems and power applications.


Beny New Energy's Groundbreaking BYSS-63M Intelligent Rapid Shutdown Isolation Switch

Mr. Wang Jundan, General Manager of Beny New Energy, expressed, “Beny New Energy is dedicated to leading innovation and development in the new energy transmission and distribution systems and applications, continuously providing users with advanced and reliable solutions. The release of the BYSS-63M Intelligent Rapid Shutdown Isolator Switch integrates multiple leading technologies and represents a technological breakthrough in exploring the safety of photovoltaic DC systems. It will bring a safer and more reliable solution to the industry, driving the development and progress of the power industry and leading industry transformation. Beny always adheres to the safety-oriented approach, making safety a top priority, and strives to provide advanced and reliable solutions and products to society, contributing to a zero-carbon future.”

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