Revolutionizing Electric Mobility: Beny Collaborates with XE TAXI to Deploy Advanced Charging Solutions

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Recently, BENY has collaborated with a Vietnamese enterprise to successfully complete the installation and trial operation of 2 Guns DC EV charging stations. It is expected that all charging stations’ installation will be finalized shortly, ushering in an era of high-efficiency, stable, and secure charging services tailored for XE TAXI.

dc ev station

As Vietnam’s electric mobility sector gains momentum, Beny’s expertise comes to the forefront with tailored charging solutions. The deployment of 90KW 2-gun DC fast charging stations underscores our commitment to enhancing the charging infrastructure and supporting the growth of the EV ecosystem in the region.

Beny’s DC charging station series, spanning from 20KW to 262KW, caters to various scenarios, from long-distance travel and highways to commercial venues such as logistics parks, gas stations, and parking lots.

“The collaboration with XE TAXI is a testament to our commitment to driving sustainable transportation through innovative solutions,” said Tim Wu, Sales Director at Beny. “Our charging stations are designed to meet the evolving needs of the electric mobility landscape while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and user experience.”

Deploy Advanced Charging Solutions
Key features of Beny's charging solutions include:
  • Seamless Integration: Embrace OCPP 1.6 J protocol compatibility, effortlessly linking to Beny’s cloud platform and app. Enjoy streamlined control and real-time insights.
  • Adaptive Intelligence: Our charging solutions boast intelli@gent recognition, catering to diverse EV models and charging needs. Witness optimized efficiency as charging adapts to your requirements.
  • Total Protection: Elevate your peace of mind with multiple safeguards, from anomaly detection to undervoltage, grounding, leakage, and over-temperature protection. A secure and dependable charging journey awaits.
  • Continuous Enhancement: Stay ahead with remote upgrade technology. Experience increased device stability and functionality, always accessing the latest innovations to improve your charging experience.

BENY’s DC charging solution for XE TAXI ensures the efficient operation of the charging station, delivering reliable charging support for electric vehicles. Against the backdrop of the burgeoning EV landscape, BENY, with its advanced technology and one-stop customized solutions, has injected a strong impetus into Vietnam’s electric mobility, propelling sustainable transportation development forward.

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