“Record the Time with #BENY!”???? – Stop2  #TheFutureEnergyShow2023

The Philippines exhibition a week later will be the second stop of this annual event, read the details below.


1. Scan the online/onsite QR code to follow BENY official LinkedIn/Facebook account;

2. Upload the photo of yourself with booth #R09 to your personal account, and @BENY official LinkedIn/Facebook account;

3. Winners will be the top 9 posts with the most likes.

★Prize: Amazon gift cards.

First Prize=£100*1

Second Prize=£50*3

Third Prize=£20*5


May 15th at 9:00 am to May 21st at 4:00 pm (GMT+8)


May 22nd at 4:00 pm (GMT+8)

Looking forward to your visit to R09 and enjoying the event.

菲律宾礼品图 01

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