Intersolar Europe 2022- BENY joins hands with partners to support European regional renewable energy goals

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May 11th-13th, Intersolar Europe 2022 Officially held at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany.

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During this year’s Intersolar Europe exhibition, BENY appeared at booth B4.460 with a new solution.

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At the exhibition, the booth of Beny Electric was crowded with people, and the BFS series Module level Rapid Shutdown, which is widely used in Europe, became the most eye-catching module level RSD safety product on site.

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At the same time, Beny’s new customized distributed energy security control + new energy vehicle charging solution for the European market – Solar PV + EV Charging. BENY PV + solution solves the safety guarantee of power transmission from renewable energy to new energy vehicles, and has been favored by many customers.

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In the fast-growing European new energy vehicle charging field, Beny and dozens of partners have launched an innovative microgrid dynamic balance charging solution – EV Chargers+Dynamic Load Balancing+Full Protection. When the Users are using BENY EV+ solution, there’s no need to modify the original power supply line, the charger will dynamically adjust the charging power according to the current usage of the microgrid, so as to realize safe and efficient charging application in complex grid environment.

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In the EPC project of large PV power station, with the long-term application of BENY Switch series products in various regions of Europe, the reliability of the products has given our cooperative parties and distribution partners a stronger confidence. The series of DC components are the mainstay of the electrical localization process of European projects. We work hand in hand with the majority of inverter manufacturers to contribute to the European renewable energy goals. At the exhibition site, customers shared with us their usage in the project and gave high praise to BENY.

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This exhibition is the seventh year that BENY has appeared in Intersolar Europe. Beny Electric has always focused on the new energy power transmission and distribution, and based on customers need, it has continuously developed innovative solutions to serve customers. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the corporate strategic concept of “Integrated with solar, energy storage and EV charger. DC power transmission and distribution. New Energy One-stop Solution”, take the platform advantages of the European branch and the American office, rely on the innovative technology R&D of Beny Electric R&D Center, fully use the advantages of Zhejiang’s manufacturing industry cluster and quality Zhejiang products, and bring more efficient, safer and better solutions to global customers.

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