Information Note on DC isolators – Cancellation of SAA certifications in Australia

DC isolators Cancellation of SAA certifications in Australia

On September 30, we noticed that SAA Approvals in Australia stopped the certification of DC isolator, and the AS60947.3 report required re-certification for all level 3 switch disconnect products.

ESV Australia made this decision based on more rigorous considerations for the safety of photovoltaic systems. All DC switch manufacturers are on this notification list, and most manufacturers in the industry express their respect and support.

As a leading supplier of disconnect switches throughout Australia and in China, BENY Electric has a deep understanding of the policies and regulations, made the most responsible decision for our customers, and initiated a quick resolution team, which is expected to resolve the sales compliance issue in a short period without impact on the production schedule.

DC isolators Cancellation of SAA certifications in Australia3

As a manufacturer of example products in the AS/NZS5033:2014 amendment formulated by the Australian Clean Energy Commission, we always maintain active communication with official units.

DC isolators Cancellation of SAA certifications in Australia4

In the EESS official website, it is found that all level 3 of 1000V and 1200V enclosed isolator switch certifications have been invalidated, which has explained the problem. The official has made it clear that unregistered DC isolators are not allowed to be sold. The compliance certifications claimed by some manufacturers on the market do not include 1000V, 1200V enclosed DC isolators, and violations of regulations will only bring more adverse effects to the industry.

Hope that the photovoltaic industry and people will not be deceived and misled.

We will report the situation to the relevant regulatory agencies, and we will always prevent behaviors that affect the image of “Made in China” and endanger the healthy development of the solar industry. Australian regulators are known for their fairness and justice, and it is impossible to treat certain companies differently. For some manufacturers trying to confuse the publicity and disrupt the market, we hope that people with lofty ideals in the Australian photovoltaic industry and DC isolator manufacturers will jointly condemn such perverse behavior.

DC isolators Cancellation of SAA certifications in Australia 6
Partnership of BENY Electric

BENY Electric has been deeply involved in the field of DC electrical, using its own research and development technology, and a large number of actual sales cases have been recognized by the market. It is the support and trust of our customers that make us thrive. We treat the market with awe at all times, and every decision we make is based on the interests of customers first, and rigor is the consistent style of BENY. We are determined not to blindly make self-destructive behaviors for short-term interests. It is the honor and pride of BENY people to assist customers in better development. We thank all customers for their favor and trust over the years for surely live up to expectations, use high-quality products, professional and rigorous services, and move forward side by side with the majority of photovoltaic industry practitioners, and seek a sustainable development path for the new energy industry.


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