How PV components industry ensure the safe of PV power plants in the era of parity?

Faced with the 700W+ high-efficiency modules and 1500V high power inverters at SNEC 2021, many PV peers made the same exclamation “the future is already here”. With the arrival of the era of comprehensive grid parity, large-sized modules and ultra-high-power inverters have officially become the main role of PV power plant systems this year, and how to ensure the safe and stable operation of ultra-high-power inverters is crucial for power plant owners.

PV components such as DC switches, circuit breakers, fuses and lightning protectors are the “safety guards” of PV inverters and their role in the inverter is critical. So, as a component company how can we solid the “safety lock” of the inverter? Wang Jundan, general manager of BENY Electric put: “One is the reliability of technology, and the other is the stability of quality.”

As we all know, the rate of failure of PV systems in the actual operating environment is not low, the natural environment, the power station itself configuration of various equipment may have potential problems, which is undoubtedly an additional investment for the power station owners, and components in the PV power station 25 years of life cycle also have the risk of failure. According to the introduction, whether the failure of the component products and many factors are closely related, such as product performance is stable, the material flame retardant and CTI value is in line with the standard requirements, whether through the use of harsh climate testing and so on.

As a leading global professional electrical manufacturer, BENY Electric always insists on high standards and strict requirements in the quality of its components. With the most advanced and rigorous testing laboratory in the industry, we continue to invest in R&D and testing equipment every year for improvement, laying the foundation for leading and stable products. Whether it is the BYSS series disconnect switches developed in the early days or the BH series PV energy storage disconnect switches exhibited at SNEC this year, with the support of a high standard system and highly sophisticated equipment, all product performances have won market reputation. It is this philosophy of sustainable development that has driven BENY Electric to become the best-selling DC electrical brand in the market.

It is understood that BENY Electric early BYSS series isolation switch has reached 1500V/30A, and is the first product in China to pass the UL508I photovoltaic isolation switch standard; the BH series photovoltaic energy storage isolation switch 2 poles can reach 1500V250A, 400A, the product meets the latest use category PV2 standard, with SAA, TUV, UL certificate. UL98B standard is a standard specially launched for PV isolation switch products, which has very high requirements on key data indicators such as electrical life, overload operation capability under extremely high ambient temperature, and flame retardant performance of PV isolation switch products.

BENY Electric PV BH Series PV Energy Storage Disconnect Switch Products
BENY Electric PV BH Series PV Energy Storage Disconnect Switch Products
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BENY Electric BYSS series used in mainstream inverter brands
BENY Electric BYSS series used in mainstream inverter brands

“We will not neglect the quality of our products because of cost reduction and efficiency.” Wang Jundan said.

From 2011 to 2021, BENY Electric has grown into a leading Chinese component company within ten years, not only because of the high quality of its products, but also because of its precise positioning – focusing on the DC side of the photovoltaic system, and its high quality and selfless service to customers.

Since the later half of 2020, around the photovoltaic industry chain cost increases, supply and demand tension topic of discussion has been incessant. Due to the core components chip supply shortage and copper, aluminum raw material supply shortage issued one after another, Goodwe, Growatt and other inverter companies also release the announcements of price increased, and as the inverter upstream link components companies, also facing the plight of raw material price increases.

In this regard, Wang Jundan bluntly said, “The rise in raw material prices has indeed caused an increase in the cost of manufacturing products, but we will never translate the cost pressure to our downstream customers, and from the long-term development trend, the price increase is only a transient phenomenon. For our customers, we always insist on high quality, guaranteed quantity, and stable price.”

Perhaps it is based on this high demand for its products and the seriousness and responsibility to customers that Zhejiang Benyi Electrical CO LTD has been able to gain the favor of the domestic first-line inverter manufacturers. At present, BENY Electric has become the main supplier of inverter enterprises like SUNGROW, and the component products have been exported to more than 40 countries, and have achieved a good reputation and excellent achievements in the markets of Australia, Brazil, Germany, Britain, France, and Spain, etc.

Facing with “double carbon target and the unknown market under the “14th Five-year Plan”. Wang Jundan said, BENY Electric will continue to adhere to the direction of professional, reliable, and efficient product line, always technology-driven as the core, customer demand-oriented, adhere to independent innovation, for the customer solutions in advance to do the technical reserves of components.

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