How Does BENY Electric Ensure the Reliability of the PV Switchgears?

As a developer and manufacturer who is concentrating to provide solar DC/AC safety and protection. We BENY electric know the direct current specialty and the key to sustainable high-quality production. Each product is designed according to IEC and UL PV standards at the beginning. We bring 30 years of experience and safety to the PV industry.

Check out how BENY ensures its PV products are reliable and durable.

Manufacturing Process

BENY owns the first UL-listed DC switch in China. It is our pride to use suitable materials to produce durable and reliable switchgear. Indeed, material science is a crucial aspect to produce a reliable DC switch or protection device, especially for solar DC applications. That’s why R&D is a key aspect of our manufacturing process.

As we commit to producing high-quality and durable PV products, we integrate quality assessment and control on each stage of the manufacturing process. We have more than 12 automatic producing lines with process quality control to ensure consistency of the quality of our products. 

Here in BENY, we believe that solar PV safety for our customers is the most important. That’s why most of our resources are dedicated to research and development. We have a national level DC test labs that can simulate PV DC 1000V 1500V to test products. Moreover, our company has a PV rooftop system that can help upgrade and iterate on the product through data from long-term tests and practical applications as the voltage and current in the PV industry grows. Thus, we focus on knowing the key parts and how to control the process.

As we have mentioned, we focus and invest more in R&D. Here in BENY, we have been maintaining technological innovation and self-replacement of our existing PV DC products. It is our goal to provide the market demand and keep up with the industry trend. We have launched more products with higher security levels such as 1500V 250A/400A DC DISCONNECT SWITCH, MODULE  LEVEL RAPID SHUTDOWN, AFCI COMBINER SOLUTIONS. You can check our website for more of our products.

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Tolerance of PV Products

Your PV product has the best quality if it has a positive tolerance, and BENY ensures that. 

PV products rated 150 Watts are expected to provide at least 150 Watts under the standard test conditions. However, if the PV product is indicated with a tolerance of +/- 5%, there is a chance that the PV product provides 155 Watts (+) or 145 Watts (-). A good quality product always has a positive tolerance.

Product Quality and Warranty

It is important to note that PV products are exposed to extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. Thus, they degrade over time and produce less energy. Most of the PV products lose about 1% of their power generating capacity each passing year.

The product warranty of a PV product supplier is an indicator of how much they are willing to stand behind its products. If the manufacturer does not offer an extended warranty period, you could suspect that their product is not very good and hence they don’t want to take any responsibility. Rest assured that BENY offers a 5 to 25 years product warranty thus if an unlikely event happens, BENY repairs or replaces the PV products and reinstalls them.

Indeed, performance, quality, and warranty are on top of our list. Thus, you are assured that the purchased PV products from us will be around, and we can back it up whenever it is underperforming.

Nevertheless, it is vital to maintain your solar PV systems properly to increase their lifespan. Fortunately, PV products with the best quality are easy to take care of and don’t require much maintenance.

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Bagged Several Certificates

With several in-house tests, research, and development labs, BENY goes beyond the standard and requirements. We deliver the highest quality PV products to our clients. As part of its commitment to quality and reliability in its products and across the solar industry, BENY has partnered with third-party testing groups.

Our certificates include CE, KEMA, UL, SAA, and CB. We secured vital certifications and accreditations from reputable authorities. Thus, we ensure that our products have exceptional quality.

Here at BENY, we constantly aim to reduce the defects in every project. It is our duty to manufacture and assess our products to decrease error rates carefully.

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Most Reputable PV Protection Product Manufacturer

The use of renewable energy is gradually increasing. In the global market, there is a noticeable increase in PV product manufacturers. At BENY, we work with industry veterans that have been manufacturing photovoltaic modules. As we aim to be one of the top market players in the industry, we are making strides in solar energy technology.

We all know PV products can be expensive, but you will get your money’s worth with us. We are the most reliable and certified if you compare our prices and services among PV product providers.

Finding the right and most reputable PV product manufacturer takes a lot of time and energy. Thus, we will make it easier for you. Browse some of our products at If you have several questions about our products and services, connect with our team. 

Now you have the idea of how to choose the best PV product that best suits your needs and be immersed in the world of solar energy. You should always compare different offers and see which supplier you find more convincing.

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