Exploring InterSolution 2024: Beny Leading the Revolution in Home Energy Management

As the grand curtains fell on the InterSolution 2024 exhibition at Flanders Expo, Belgium, Beny successfully showcased its leading solutions, setting a new benchmark for intelligent management in household energy. The innovative AC EV chargers and smart home energy management systems on the exhibition present Beny’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Against the backdrop of rapid developments in new energy, there is an increasing demand for intelligent management of household energy. At the exhibition, Beny demonstrates its home energy management solutions, garnering widespread attention. The system is designed for integration with home grids equipped with photovoltaic (PV) systems. The BEMS measures real-time PV generation and controls BEMC to adjust the power consumption of house loads such as water heaters and heat pumps. Users can achieve energy management by setting various energy modes. For instance, in the home priority mode, the system dynamically adjusts other electricity usage to prioritize household electricity needs.

The home energy management system seamlessly integrates with EV chargers. When the PV system generates more electricity than the household consumes, the system interacts in real-time with the EV charger, increasing its power to ensure full electric commuting and travel. At the exhibition, Beny provides detailed explanations of the operational principles, receiving ample affirmation. Beny’s AC EV chargers come with a range of protection and smart features to enhance the user’s experience. Through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, users can establish a link between the charger and their phones, providing OCPP-based remote charging monitoring and management. Exhibition visitors, through hands-on experience, deeply appreciate the outstanding performance of Beny’s EV chargers in meeting the needs of EV owners.

Beny’s Sales Director states, “We are delighted to showcase our home energy solutions at InterSolution 2024. Beny will continue to strive to provide users with advanced smart home energy management systems integrated with new energy generation systems, promoting the sustainable development of household energy.”

Beny’s impressive performance at InterSolution 2024 presents attendees with a glimpse of a smart and green future for household energy. The company’s products not only lead in technological innovation but also provide users with tools to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. As a leader in the new energy industry, Beny will continue to drive technological innovation and offer users more intelligent and environmentally friendly solutions.

For more information, please visit www.beny.com or contact info@beny.com.

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