Revolutionizing the EV Charging Landscape: EVB DC Fast EV Chargers Now Available with New Partner EVPowerhouse in Australia

Australia’s electric vehicle revolution just got a turbo boost with the introduction of the EVB DC Fast EV Chargers, now proudly listed with our esteemed partner, EVPowerhouse.  As a brand of Beny, EVB is dedicated to providing intelligent and innovative charging solutions for users. Its DC rapid chargers are set to redefine the charging experience, offering unparalleled speed, compatibility, and reliability.

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Rapid Charging at Its Finest

Imagine the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at unprecedented speeds. With EVB DC Fast EV Charging stations, that vision becomes a reality. Harness the power of rapid charging with an impressive 40KW power output, ensuring that your vehicle spends less time plugged in and more time on the road. Additionally, by integrating full protection functions like under voltage protection, grounding protection, and over-temperature protection, you can charge the vehicle rapidly with a peace of mind.

CCS-Enabled Port: Compatibility for a Wide Range of EV Models

Versatility is the key, and EVB DC Fast EV Chargers deliver just that with their CCS-enabled port. Compatible with a diverse array of electric vehicle models, this feature ensures that regardless of your EV brand or model, you can rely on EVB to provide a fast and efficient charging experience. By boasting an intelligent recognition feature, it can automatically identify various vehicle models and their specific charging power requirements. It’s a future-proof solution for the ever-expanding landscape of electric vehicles. 

OCPP 1.6J: Intelligent Monitoring and Control 

Embrace seamless compatibility with the OCPP 1.6 J protocol, effortlessly connecting to EVB’s cloud platform and app to enjoy streamlined control and instant insights. You can stay ahead with remote upgrade technology, accessing the latest innovations to elevate your charging experience.

36-Month Warranty: Peace of Mind for the Long Haul

We understand the importance of reliability and longevity when it comes to EV charging infrastructure. That’s why EVB DC Fast EV Chargers have a robust 36-month warranty. This commitment to quality and durability is a testament to our confidence in the performance and durability of our chargers.

A Greener Tomorrow with EVB and EVPowerhouse

Beyond the impressive technical specifications, EVB DC Fast EV Chargers represent a step towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow. As Australia embraces the electric vehicle revolution, this partnership ensures drivers have access to high-performance charging infrastructure that aligns with environmental goals.

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